Pest Control The Natural Way

Many people view pesst in the garden as one of the worst things in the world, as soon as insects are spotted they go running for the pesst aside. This is probably the biggest mistake anyone can make and you should never head for the poison. There will always be insects and they will always be in your garden and if you spray them you will be doing more harm.

The problem with pesticides is that they do not just target the bad insects but harm the good insects in addition. On average in most vegetable gardens 3% of the insects cause damage to the plants that method that 97% of the insects in your garden are advantageous. At this ratio the good insects far out weigh the bad and can keep the problem insects under control. When you go out and spray now you are killing off a bunch of advantageous insects and that throws the whole ecology of the garden off.

Many times we do more harm to the plant than pests do. A healthy vigorous plant is far less prone to damage or attach than an unhealthy plant. To insure your plants are healthy you must provide them with the proper requirements. If a plant is labeled for complete sun than that is where you should plant it. If a plant does best in a dry area than that is what you need to provide. By matching a plants requirements to where you grow the plant half of your battle is over. If a plant is not receiving the right amount of it’s requirements it will be under stress and truly draw pests to it.

Many commercial greenhouses and nursery operations have truly started getting away from using pesticides all together and are using strictly biological controls when it comes to managing pests. This is not just the idea of purchasing and releasing advantageous insects into the nursery but to truly plant great number and food plants for these insects in addition. The problem with insects is that they will move to where ever their food is. If you can provide a identify where they will have food and a place to copy then they will stick around and keep your plants clear of the bad insects.

These commercial growers are truly growing crops now that provide food and shelter for these predatory insects in addition as their money crops. Now these growers are not only saving money by not having to use on pest control they are truly helping the ecosystem in addition. I recently saw a television program where they were showing a retention pond that use to be just a large hole filled with water but now is complete of plant, fish and insects because there is no longer pesticide runoff going in it. It was truly amazing at the transformation in just 4 years.

If commercial growers are seeing the benefits of using natural pest control and proper sanitation and growing conditions then this must be the real deal as their livelihoods are dependent upon growing healthy crops. So instead of reaching for a can of bug spray the next time you see a bug maybe it is time to grab a book on advantageous insects and how to help them live your garden.

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