Outrageous flat advert goes viral after viewers identify ‘associate romping o…

AN advert for a flat went viral after viewers spotted what looked like “a associate romping on the sofa”.

The picture, taken in the living room of the apartment in Madrid, shows a grey sofa with a purple blanket on top – with a strange shape underneath the blanket.


From this photo of the living room, it looks like a associate are tucked up under the coversCredit: Jam Press

A shocked viewer took to Twitter to proportion the break, asking: “Is there someone there?”

More than 600 people liked the post, with dozens of users commenting their best guess as to what the mysterious shape could be.

One person said: “Is the associate that f***s on the couch included in the price?”

Another viewer said: “Let’s see, it’s two people f***ing right? Clearly.”

Someone else commented: “Furnished and with surprise under the sheets, what more could you wish for for only €990? Not already Kinder eggs give you so much for so little.”

“Well I almost prefer it to finding a poltergeist,” said one person.

Another user additional: “Is anyone else seeing the ghost on the couch? Please tell me that you see it too.”

“With ghost included, it seems like a bargain,” said someone else.

It comes as a cottage has gone on sale for just £289,500 – but the bizarre character has a toilet in the master bedroom.

The house in Hadleigh, Suffolk, has been catching the attention of baffled character browsers for its quirky addition after it was listed last week.

The character was shared on a Reddit thread, with the caption having a fun dig at the strange set-up, reading: “Excuse me darling, I just need to go to the loo.”

A humoured viewer replied to the images with a simple comment: “Ewww!”


People were confused after seeing the strange scene onlineCredit: Jam Press
Woman tries to sell £300k house but buyers are put off by bizarre kinky ‘love hotel’ themed interior

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