Organic Products average Natural and That’s a Good Thing!

The current trend is toward naturally manufacturing or growing most of the things we either consume, use, or otherwise manager now days and that has to be considered good for us all. Whether organically growing our foods, using natural wood or other materials in the production of our furniture and clothing, we are realizing a harmony with the earth as mankind has not known for the past century and more.

Out with the pesticides

With so many effective alternatives to the unhealthy and dangerous toxic chemicals that go into making pesticides, we cannot provide not to come up with more ways to avoid adding all those poisons to things we either consume or manager each and every day. The heavy use of organophosphate pesticides are associated with some serious health related problems like dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Also affected are the skin and eyes so those who manager plants such as farm workers have shown just how harsh the reaction to these dangerous chemicals can be. We who consume them later on can be equally abundant although to a slightly lesser degree. Birth defects, miscarriages, neurological damage, and many cancers can also be credited to the use of non organic method of pest control or fertilizers.

Wildlife is also at our mercy

Wild life, including migratory birds, is unprotected to exposure to man made chemicals used in pesticides, already to the point of annihilating complete species. DDT became disastrous for many species of birds and fish until it was determined how unhealthy it was and finally was deleted from use world wide, but there remains a risk in imported vegetables and fruits from other countries who nevertheless use some of those dangerous chemicals. With the current trend toward natural organic products, we are reversing a trend that ultimately may have destroyed all life on this planet.

Back to the basics of natural agriculture

Throughout history, agriculture was chiefly organic in character. It was only during the past century that synthetic chemicals were introduced into farming and food production. With increased knowledge of the dangers involved with “modern” farming, we have turned to the natural or organic form of producing food and other man made materials. Organic foods, including poultry, meat, dairy products, and eggs are produced from animals that have never received growth hormones or antibiotics. Farmer’s markets continue to grow and prosper in large cities and the return of smaller family run farms, which produce the bulk of our organic foods, are thriving.

The organic movement is alive and well

We are in the middle of an organic products movement and that method we are heading toward a healthier planet and that includes all of mankind, plants, and animals who reside here. Organic farming method reversing the trend of the past century and returning to a more healthful and productive way of life. Modern large extent agricultural production was cost effective but at what price must we pay to keep from becoming extinct? Conserving the soil and water today method they will be here for future generations and keeping our food and other products organically grown will insure that we will be around to enjoy them in the future.

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