Optimistic Phoenix Suns Eye The NBA Championship

Optimistic Phoenix Suns Eye The NBA Championship

The Phoenix Suns genuinely believe that they can win the championship title.

Amare Stoudemire said that the Suns had worked hard the complete season managed a 61 win record and now they are ready for the postseason.

In their first round playoff series, the Suns will be taking on the Los Angeles Lakers. This will be a rematch of last year’s opening round series when the Lakers had a 3-1 rule and the Suns managed to regroup to win the next three games and take the series away from the Lakers.

However, Stoudemire was not part of that team as he was nevertheless recovering from the knee surgery. He is positive that this time round the series will not go on for seven games.

While coach Mike D’Antoni feels that the Suns with Stoudemire and Kurt Thomas, is the best equipped to win the NBA championship. D’Antoni has led one team to a Pacific Division title while the other two teams lost in the Western Conference.

D’Antoni also said that after workouts, the training room now has an additional buzz. All the little worries, pettiness and tiredness has been forgotten by the players and they are all set to play.

Steve Nash is practicing twice a day and he is a leading contender for his third straight MVP trophy.

When the Suns take on the Lakers it will be a test for their fast paced up-tempo game. Usually in the postseason the game turns rough and slow but Nash does not think it is a calculating factor. He believes that ultimately it will the intensity of the Suns’ game and the effort they put in that will be the main factor.

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