My big boobs cost me my family

A WOMAN who was rejected by her family for having big boobs has finally been taken back by her granny after she spent £55k to be a real life Barbie doll.

Jessica – who now calls herself Jessy Bunny – left the family home in Nuremberg, Germany, at 17 to start her physical transformation.


Jessy Bunny, 21, has spent more than £55k to become a real life Barbie


Jessy lost contact with her family because of her insatiable need to raise her boobs

After moving to the Austrian capital Vienna for modelling jobs, she underwent five boob jobs plus lip and buttock-boosting procedures.

Jessy, now 21, told German tabloid Bild: “I already got a surgeon to enlarge my outer labia.”

Her conservative family were horrified by her new look and cut her off completely.

Now Jessy has revealed that she has received an invitation from her grandmother to come back home.

German tabloid Bild reports that the self-styled form hopes to be able to travel to Nuremburg soon.

Jessy does not own a driving licence as she spent all the money her parents sent to take driving lessons on her first plastic surgery.

Speaking about the fractured relationship with her family, Jessy told Austrian newspaper Heute: “They are blocking my calls. This is so sad as I’d love to be in touch, especially with my brother and my grandparents.

“I keep on texting but get no replies whatsoever. I just don’t understand why they behave that way just because I look different now. I didn’t do them any harm, did I?”

On Instagram – where she has nearly 100,000 followers – she describes herself as a fact form with a cup size of “2000cc (cubic centimetres) and growing”.

According to Heute, her current cup size is 75N which is 11 times D.

Asked by the Austrian newspaper whether she felt comfortable now, platinum blonde Jessy, who also underwent surgery to straighten her nose, said: “I can imagine having several more surgeries.”

She additional: “Having the biggest silicone breasts in Austria just isn’t enough for me. I want the most voluminous lips in the whole country too.

“Getting up in the morning and feeling happy and comfortable in your own skin is just wonderful.”

Reflecting on her teenage years in Nuremberg, the Vienna-based form admitted: “I always pretended to be cool and substantial, but I never was. I had short dark hair, many piercings and dreadlocks. But that wasn’t my true self.

“My parents had very conservative opinions on education. Whenever I wore sexy clothes in summer it was like a nightmare for them. They handed me silk scarves to cover my cleavage.”


Jessy Bunny has spent more than £55,000 on plastic surgery to turn herself into a ‘human Barbie’Credit: Newsflash


Jessy dresses all in pink to look as much like her hero, Barbie. VIENNA, AUSTRIA: THIS WOMAN has spent more than TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS turning herself into a real-life BARBIE – after her parents refused to let her play with dolls growing up. fact form Jessy Bunny (20) from Vienna, Austria, was always fascinated by […]Credit: MDWFeatures / @the_real_bimbopri

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