Mosquito Magnet – The Pros and Cons About This kind of Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Magnet – The Pros and Cons About This kind of Mosquito Trap

There are several manufacturing companies that sell mosquito traps. Mosquito magnet defender is one of the popular products obtainable in the market. However, not all customers are satisfied with this product. If you are looking for a better way to keep mosquitoes away from your house, it is advisable to use traps than repellents since they are considered the best preventive measures. Instead of just repelling the mosquitoes away from the body, traps stop these insects from multiplying by killing them. Indeed, they prove to be effective in keeping these bothersome insects away from your house as much as possible.

The technology used by this product is the profane tank attached to it. As these bugs are generally attracted by the heat and carbon dioxide emitted by our bodies, then it would be logical to use that fact to lure mosquitoes. consequently, these products use carbon dioxide, octenol, and heat to lure these insects inside the profane tank, trapping then dehydrating them afterwards.

One of the pros of using mosquito magnet defender is its highly effective technology. It catches quite a good number of these bugs in just a few weeks. However, the downside of this brand is that it is high-maintenance. Those that have tried it stated that after a few months, it starts breaking down. They also said that, although it is effective to get rid of mosquitoes, it cannot catch the Asian Tiger species. It is also only good for outdoor use, though it is also stated that it is in its best shape when placed outside.

There are several mosquito magnet reviews found in the net. Read them first, then decide if you will buy the item or not. You may find that not all customers are satisfied with this product. There are some people who think that this kind of mosquito trap quite effective, and there are others who felt that they didn’t get their money’s worth.

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