MLM Training Tip – Keeping Network Marketing Simple

There are a lot of people in network marketing that try to overcomplicate and over think this business including myself. In many ways, this is because many of the people that get involved in network marketing are working complete time in corporate America.

And what happens in corporate America? They overcomplicate and over-analyze every little nugget of their business. To clear up a $5,000 issue in Corporate America, they will include 10 people on a conference call for an hour and then determine that they need a complicated algorithm examination with a presentation output in PowerPoint. Once they complete the examination, they have spent 100 man hours on this $5,000 issue and it cost them $10,000.

MLM Training Tip – KISS method

Many of these people get involved in network marketing and use their background and try to overcomplicate this business. Unfortunately, network marketing is a very simple business. I like to remind folks that I work with that I use the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid.

I am a simple person and try to keep things as simple and basic as possible so I can understand them. Network marketing is all about talking to people about your business. You are either talking to your warm market or your cold market. With your cold market, you can generate leads offline or online.

MLM Training Tips – The Network Marketing Business course of action

The business course of action that you utilize once you acquire a rule is very simple. In fact, the time of action only involves 3 steps:

– Talking to People

– Sending a Simple Message

– Enrolling the Interested

MLM Training Tips

Step 1 – Talking to People

Once you have a rule (either from your warm or cold market), you need to get on the phone with them. Many people that use internet marketing to generate leads do not like to talk to their leads but at the end of the day this is a people business.

When you speak with your leads, you need to probe and ask questions and figure out what their concerns are, what keeps them up at night, what do they desire, what their frustrations are, etc. When you talk to the prospect you don’t want to get in selling mode, you want to ask questions and learn if they are something you want to work with.

Step 2 – Sending a Simple Message

Once you have built rapport with your rule and you both are interested in moving forward, you send them a simple web presentation, conference call, or at all event your upline recommends. I send my prospects a web presentation that is 45 minutes and let them review it. Once they are done with the review of the business, we do a follow up.

Step 3 – Enroll the Interested

When you follow up with your rule, you ask a simple question “what did you like about the presentation” and get their feedback. Answer their questions that they might have, and then, if they sound like they might be interested, you simply state….”sounds like you are ready to get started, how would you like your name on your check?”

Again, I need to stress this very simple MLM training tip. The network marketing course of action really is as simple as 1-2-3. There are many different aspects about truly generating the leads (which can be done a ton of different ways) but the basic course of action is very simple.

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