Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP Integration With MS RMS – Highlight…

Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP Integration With MS RMS – Highlight…

This was long lasting issue and need from the ERP market – to integrate back end accounting with retail management application.

At this moment MS RMS version is not a concern, it should be easily adaptable for new RMS releases. Integration works as the set on MS SQL Server stored procedures, custom tables, triggers and views. In RMS it pulls data from HQ database in addition as updates data in HQ, by creating RMS worksheets, these worksheets are automatically marked as approved and then RMS course of action them internally. Please be aware that integration is powerful and so, complicate – it requires our specialized consultants to be involved in its implementation

o buy Receipts. You receive in GP, integration moves buy receipts into RMS. Please be sure that you have the same item numbers in Great Plains and in RMS. Additional restriction – items should not be serial or lot number tracked in GP

o RMS and GP Inventory move synchronization. Integration synchronizes transfers originated as in GP in addition as in RMS in style application. Here, serial/lot number is complication from GP side, so again be sure that you don not use lots and serials in Great Plains. In GP inventory transfers are produced in history, so you do not need to post them

o Sales Order Processing/SOP. Integration can work as with orders in addition as with invoices. Payments are deposits. You will have to post SOP batches (or move orders to invoices). Return logic is incorporated

o Customers synchronization. Two ways – from GP to RMS and from RMS to GP

o Inventory Items. Items are produced in GP. The purpose of this integration is to control RMS financial results in addition as automate new items creation in GP plus print barcode labels at GP side

o GP-RMS stores mapping. Integration allows you to control several stores from one GP company in addition as allows you to have complicate mapping: one gp company to one store, one GP company site to one store, etc.

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