Metaphysics Demystified: Intuition

Intuition is a form of perception and next to instinct, is one of our most basic and primal capacities. If you have ever had a “gut” feeling, “Turn down this street, not the next,” or “That sounds like my sister calling,” when the phone rings, or “I’ve got a bad feeling about this,” that is intuition speaking to you. It is not some magical skill of mystics but is a gift of embodiment.

Intuition, in addition to our five senses, is one of the many portals by which the world speaks to us. It is a doorway obtainable to us all; it is simply a question of recognizing it, tuning our inner radio dial to the right stop, allowing the information to come by and deciphering the subtle language of spirit.

What does this all average? Intuition like any skill, takes practice. Some people have a stronger propensity for it than others. For some it comes complete born into being, for others it takes some work to exercise and develop the capacity. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, intuition is a life-given ability.

If you have ever had any of the experiences mentioned in the first use or other related occurrences, you are already in touch with your intuition. You may not have distinguished it as such, so that is the first step, recognition.

Tuning your inner radio dial to the right stop method paying attention when you get one of those little nudges from your intuition. Sometimes the signal is fuzzy or complete of static. Tuning in method to stop, breathe and listen. Ask, “What is happening here?” Listen to your body, where do you feel something strange or uncomfortable? Often bodily clues will hint at what the character of the message is and the area of the body affected can indicate what is being communicated. A queasy feeling in the stomach, for example, can signal fear or anxiety. If this occurs when you are thinking of a specific subject, perhaps there is something about it that produces examination. Maybe that nagging in your gut about going someplace or talking to someone is telling you to reconsider.

Allowing the information to come by is simply a course of action of listening to the raw data, without projection or examination. Easier said than done, it is nevertheless possible in a relaxed state. It takes focus and patience, no judgment if first attempts fail, things will become clearer with time and practice.

Deciphering the language of intuition or spirit takes a relaxing of listening and attempts to translate. Intuition doesn’t always speak English, French or any other human language, so the challenge is to look for mental pictures, feelings, or a simple, moment knowing. Translation, if needed, can come later.

With practice you will become familiar with how your intuition speaks to you, it is different with everyone. Just stay open and receptive, listen, look and feel without save and the inner knowing that you already possess will appear.

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