Metal Promotions – Top 5 Methods of Production

Using metal to make your promotional products is a sure-fire way to ensure they stand out above your average cheap giveaway. Metal promotional products such as: pins, keyrings and badges are stylish, lasting and surprisingly affordable. The results of using metal can give you a product that radiates high quality and real substance to see and keep up. Production methods are often dependent on suitability to the custom design; the following production methods should be considered during your pre production course of action.

Printed Metal

This method allows your design to be printed directly onto metal. This method is one of the cheapest options for custom metal keyrings and benefits designs too complicate to be stamped, cast or etched. Printing can be made onto a metal sheet or onto a pre shaped keyring. Epoxy coating is obtainable to protect and brighten colours.

Sheet Metal Die Stamping

There are many different metals that can be made into sheet metal. Sheet metal is essentially any metal that is formed into thin/flat pieces. Although the thickness (gauge) can vary considerably it’s fairly safe to say it will vary between 1mm and 4mm.

Stamping sheet metal to form its shape can be a precise and cost-effective method of production. The stamping course of action we use presses blank metal against a powerful die that punches by the metal to make your pre determined shape. The die is a specialised tool that is customised to your individual product, and then mounted onto a press that stamps the metal.

the time of action can be single staged and produce desired impressions in one hit, or a series of stamps to produce a more complicate design. After stamping the individual areas of the design can be filled with coloured resins and finished with clear epoxy for a long-lasting finish. The advantages of this method are a great consistency at a low-cost manufacture. Best value custom metal shaping!

Die Casting

Die Casting is essentially the time of action we use on all metal too thick to be stamped or any 3D design. This course of action is unrivalled in its ability to produce high quality metal goods dependably and cost effectively. We can die-cast a range of metals from Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, rule and Iron.

It is the casting equipment and die set up that represent the major costs involved in this production. Unit prices on high quantity orders can be minimal because it spreads the cost of set up. The advantages of using die-casting are it’s fantastic quality surface finish and unrivalled consistency.

Photo Etched

Photo etching allows your design to be etched by a chemical/acid solution instead of being hit or printed. Similar to die stamped keyrings; to add colour we can then fill each recessed area with a coloured resin and coat the surface with clear enamel. This brightens to turn up of your product and adds a protective inner to your keyring.

Spin Casting

Spin Casting is a method of production commonly used with alloy metal. Metal can be easily hollowed to replicate complicate 3D designs. Production can take longer that other methods but the results are beautifully crafted 3D metal designs.

With all custom shaped keyrings the main cost of production comes by the labour of setting up the die or print facilities. Once the die-cast has been made the production course of action is comparatively simple. For this reason the time of action lends itself to high quantity production, where large quantity orders can assistance from increasingly low unit prices.

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