Mercedes SLS – Electric Supercar

Mercedes SLS – Electric Supercar

Mercedes have been producing high performance cars for many years, providing highly exhilarating performance cars. If Mercedes high performance cars weren’t enough, Mercedes has a tuning brand named AMG, that produce highly tuned, and in some cased track oriented performance race cars based on the current Mercedes form lineup.

Mercedes being an inventive brand have ventured into the electric platform with the help of Tesla. The new version of the Mercedes SLS is an electric means, can an electric supercar work?

What is it.

Mercedes have developed a rare state of the art electric car based on the Mercedes SLS sports car. While the “regular” Mercedes SLS AMG, develops 583 bhp from a 6.2 liter V8 engine, the Mercedes E – SLS develops 751 bhp, as electric motors provide all obtainable torque from a standstill, that enormous strength difference is already more noticeable.

Mercedes claim the Mercedes SLS AMG 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) is 3.7 seconds, while the electric Mercedes E – SLS accelerates to the same speed in 3.9 seconds, that does not sound like a big difference compared to the obtainable strength, but you need to consider that the Mercedes E – SLS weighs 500 kg more that the standard form, that puts the figures in perspective.

Having a powerful electric motor allows for moment strength delivery, overcoming the Mercedes E – SLS’s higher weight, and producing extreme performance. Unfortunately, enjoying the high availability of outright strength and performance comes at a price, the batteries deplete very fast and require nearly 20 hours to recharge.

The impact.

With the ever changing regulatory demands, emission standards, additional pressure on automakers to reduce fuel consumption, engine size, engine strength output and engine noise, it seemed the days of high performance supercars are coming to an end.

Latest innovations in electric motor design, and high powered efficient electric batteries, are changing the game. Tesla have proven that a sporty electric car is viable with the Tesla Roadster, and the addition of the Tesla form S, high performing electric platforms do work.

Mercedes wanted to showcase an electric supercar with the Mercedes E – SLS, and they have done so, the rare characteristics, performance and usability (if a bit range restrictive), prove that there will always be super performance cars obtainable, for a decent price tag, in this case $200,000.

Emerging technologies are proving that high performance automobile will not disappear form the market place. As long as there is need for high performance cars and dedicated race oriented cars, there will be a technological answer.

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