McDonald’s worker floors customers with three secrets about excursion-thru

A staff member who works at McDonald’s has shared the three secrets most people don’t know.

The fast food worker has revealed all about the excursion thru – and it is leaving people shook.

TikTok user @charlton.a has shared how staff can hear “everything you’re saying”.

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Charlton also shared how customers have “mugshot” snaps taken at the excursion thru.

That way, staff at the Golden Arches know exactly where to give each order.

His third and final revelation was that you can truly orer a recipe book, too.

His McDonald’s restaurant in New Zealand sells recipe books, allowing staff to make their own at home.

Neat, eh?

“We can definitely hear all the passengers in the car too”, Charlton also warned.

McDonald’s is an iconic fast food chain with branches across Birmingham and throughout the far wider West Midlands vicinity.

In fact, Maccy D’s boasts more eateries right here in Brum than in any other city inside the UK – bar the capital London, of course.

Brum has sites on the ramp in the city centre, in addition as in Dale End, with fast food takeaways further afield too.

The chain is renowned for its Big Macs, its Chcicken McNuggets and plenty else besides, including McFlurry desserts, breakfast classics like hash browns, McMuffins, bacon rolls and pancakes, not to mention its fries, Chicken Legends, Big Tasty and plenty else.

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