Mauritius Villa Holidays Offer Plenty of Sun and Fun

Mauritius Villa Holidays Offer Plenty of Sun and Fun

Whether you want to use your holiday in Mauritius sipping some local rum by the poolside or visiting the historic buildings in the capital Port Louis, this island has it all.

Booking a villa in Mauritius method you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy sightseeing during the day, or relaxing by the pool.

A Mauritius villa is the perfect backdrop from which to soak up the tropical sun and there are plenty of beaches to escape too if the heat gets too much.

Not only is Mauritius the ideal holiday destination for relaxing, there is also plenty to keep already the most adventurous holidaymaker amused.

If you enjoy the adrenaline of thorough sea fishing, water-skiing, or surfing, Mauritius is the place to enjoy them.

In fact the island is a surfer’s paradise and it is home to Tamarin Bay, which is one of the most famous surfing spots in the world.

Mountainous regions also provide the perfect backdrop for sports such as trekking, horse riding, abseiling, quad and mountain biking and already deer hunting.

If you are more of a culture vulture, you will no doubt enjoy exploring the colonial buildings in Port Louis.

Visitors to the capital should visit La Citadelle, a famous British colonial building constructed in 1835, which offers a great vantage point from which to see the rest of Port Louis’ architecture.

While there you may want to take the opportunity to visit the national derby, the Champ de Mars, which has the honour of being the Indian Ocean’s oldest race course.

Those who enjoy food will not be disappointed by the variety of cuisines obtainable in Mauritius.

There are Creole, Chinese, Indian and European-inspired dishes to choose from, or you could dine in at your Mauritius villa if you prefer.

Anyone who enjoys music will no doubt enjoy sega, local music, which originates from Africa and is usually performed by men, while women dance to the beat.

great sugar cane fields engulf the countryside and provide the nation with rum, which is in abundant supply, or if beer is more your thing, then you can try the locally-produced lager from the Phoenix Brewery.

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