Man caught trying to get 9th Covid jab — RT World News

A man was reportedly detained in Belgium after he was caught trying to get his ninth Covid-19 vaccine measure with false identification on behalf of others who did not want to get vaccinated themselves.

The unnamed man from Charleroi was detained at a vaccination center on Sunday after staff recognized his confront, L’Avenir newspaper reports. He had before been to the center to get vaccinated a whopping eight times, using different identity cards for clients who allegedly wanted a ‘fully vaccinated’ position without attending themselves.

According to the newspaper, a legal complaint will soon be filed against the man and anyone who used his service to avoid vaccination.

Though vaccination in Belgium is currently not compulsory, fully vaccinated individuals are able to receive a Covid Safe Ticket, which allows the owner to travel and go into certain establishments, including bars, restaurants, fitness centers, and large events.

Several vaccine ‘mules’ have been caught getting vaccinated on behalf of others since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and later restrictions. This month, a New Zealand man was investigated for allegedly receiving as many as 10 shots in a single day on behalf of paying customers who were reluctant to get vaccinated.

New Zealand Ministry of Health official Astrid Koornneef said the government was “very concerned” about people receiving more vaccine doses than recommended, advising the public to “seek clinical advice as soon as practicable” if they do.

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