Magic Jack Broadband Phone Without the Cost

Magic Jack Broadband Phone Without the Cost

Magic Jack a USB device allowing you to send and receive phone calls by your computer’s broadband connection. The Magic Jack device is plugged into your computer’s USB port and the other end into your phone.

Selling for an initial fee of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. The first year of phone service is included with the buy price. Thereafter, service is renewed each year for only $19.95. You can buy up to four additional years at a time for $59.95.

Its’ Competitor

Its biggest competitor in-terms of price may be Skype, but which does not offer 911 service.

Another problem with Skype is that security may be a big issue. These concerns are apparent when one browses the Skype user forums. There are several instances where Skype accounts have been hacked.

The Cost And Savings

If you do a lot of long distance calling VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) sets tend to be cheaper than traditional landlines already with unlimited calling plans. Savings are already greater if you pay per minute charges for long distance calling.

Broadband phone providers like Vonage, Verizon, Packet8, Net2Phone and AT&T will run upwards of $200 yearly. Magic Jack is just a pittance when compared to these providers.

Some broadband phone sets also require additional equipment, activation and/or cancellation fees. Magic Jack does not require additional equipment or any contracts. If unsatisfied with the service you may cancel at anytime without penalty.


Set-up is comparatively simple. The USB device will install itself. Select the phone number of your choice. Setup 911 service and call forwarding if desired.

Features Include

  • Three-way(conference)calling
  • can be used with a headset or house phone
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail
  • Telephone number not listed in directories
  • Free phone number
  • Do not upset
  • Free 911 service
  • Free 411(directory Assistance)

International Calling

When traveling internationally you can nevertheless enjoy the convenience of unlimited free calling from your Magic Jack phone number to all locations in the US and Canada.

About The Founder

David Borislow inventor of the Magic Jack device and founder of Ymax communications corporation, a U.S based competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC).

Borislow has over 20 years in the telecommunications industry and winner of the J.D strength and Associates Award.

It is reported that David Borislow provided most of the funding for Magic Jack by investing $17 million from his own pockets.


Having tested Magic Jack, I found the clarity of incoming and outgoing calls were amazingly clear on both headset and house phone.

Voicemail access once you set-up a password was easy.

You can set-up Magic Jack to ring as if it were a house phone.

Dial from your keyboard or telephone.

If you are off-line calls will automatically go into voicemail unless you have set-up call forwarding.

Switching between headset and telephone were simple.

Looking Towards The Future

At this time Magic Jack is only obtainable online. However, there are plans to make it obtainable in retail stores.

Although Magic Jack maybe newer than some of the older VoIP providers, it is a service well worth looking into.

With the commitment of its inventor and constant upgrades, this company appears to have plans to be around for the long haul. As with any new service there may be imperfections that will enhance as system upgrades continue. However, for the price, Magic Jack may turn out to be a tough competitor for some of the more expensive VoIP providers.

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