Lynn Carey Saylor Has Brian May of Queen As a Very Good Friend

Lynn Carey Saylor Has Brian May of Queen As a Very Good Friend

American singer-songwriter and musician Lynn Carey Saylor can count Brian May, the mythical rule guitarist from QUEEN, among her celebrity friends, and Brian thinks so much of Lynn and her songwriting ability that he offered to play on two recording sessions when she was laying down tracks that would appear on her debut album You Like It Clean.

The first of these songs was Lynn’s self-penned If We Believe, which was originally released as a limited edition charity single back in 2002. Brian not only played electric guitar in his amazing distinctive style on this number but he also sang some backing vocals on it in addition.

Lynn donated money that came in for If We Believe to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an AIDS charity set up after the death of Freddie Mercury, who was killed by the terrible disease.

Lynn’s song won the IOMA 2005 award for Best Collaboration, Best Song and Best Cover Art, and, in addition, she was voted the Best Female Vocalist. If there had been an award for Most Beautiful Female Artist she would probably have got that too because Lynn is absolutely dramatically.

The 1984 Pat Benatar hit We Belong was the second song on which Brian May played rule guitar. It was originally written by Eric Lowen and Dan Navarro, and the two songwriters truly appear in the video of Lynn’s recording session, which was produced by Lynn’s husband, Skip Saylor, at the Skip Saylor Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

This year has been a very busy one for Lynn, who was recently on a short visit to the UK. While she was there she was a special guest on Sue Marchant’s BBC radio show.

The interview can be heard on Lynn Carey Saylor’s street team site at Myspace. And it is on Myspace that Lynn has been building her huge fanbase and also attracted the attention of Dean Markley Strings and SPG Guitars with both companies deciding to endorse her music.

With all this going for her it surely can’t be long before Lynn becomes recognised on the world stage for the incredibly talented star that she is.

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