Looking For A YouTube different For Your Video Marketing?

Looking For A YouTube different For Your Video Marketing?

If you’re in search of a YouTube substitute to use for your video marketing, you won’t have to look very far. Although YouTube is by far the most famous, there are many other video social networking web sites that you can take advantage of when doing your video marketing.

Here are just a associate of them:

Brightcove allows you to make and set afloat your own internet TV stop. It’s quick and easy to get your channel up and running. You can also integrate videos uploaded by other users into your shows. Your channel is syndicated with other major players on the net and you can earn revenue by ad in addition as video sales. The user interface is also extremely impressive.

FlickLife counts among the small handful of revenue sharing hosts that are out there. This is something you definitely want to look into because you can spread your own videos to the world at no cost at all and truly get some money in return.

Go Fish is a fairly large YouTube different hosting site which helps you promote your leadership skills. The dominant goal of this site is to give you your 15 minutes of fame, so to speak. You can post pretty much in any case you want here: business tips, documentaries, comedies, spoofs, pranks, and already episodic dramas – all are welcome here. If you’re seeking a wide exposure for your business, this web site offers a great opportunity.

ClipShack is, in a nutshell, a community for the video-adicted – a place for sharing your videos with the world. Its run by Reality Digital, Inc. – a company with years of experience in catering to the multimedia needs of the corporate sector.

Blip.TV brings you the kind of stuff you might be able to find somewhere on television but most likely won’t. This site is very highly rated by PC World and Business 2.0 magazine. It syndicates its content with the likes of AOL Video, Yahoo! Video, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, MSN Video, Google Video etc., which allows you to reach millions of people in one shot. If you’ve got what it takes to create a great show, it may already get broadcast on this TV channel that blip.tv owns. And if your show’s a hit, they allow you to pick your own advertisers and earn revenue. Flash, QuickTime, DivX, 3gp – more or less all major formats are supported.

Revver is especially interesting because it boasts a clever mechanism that helps it track and monetize the uploaded videos as they spread virally across the internet – so “no matter where your creativity travels, you assistance”. Your uploaded video is paired up with a targeted ad and the revenue is divided 50/50 with you. Those who proportion and spread the videos get to keep 20% of the revenues in addition. The Revver API lets you build a video-sharing site complete with user accounts, uploading, sharing tools and access to the complete Revver library of videos. The bandwidth is covered by Revver and the ad revenue is divided three ways: you, Revver and the content creator. This is a great YouTube different to take a look at.

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