Looking For A New Job or Promotion? Feng Shui Can Help You Get It!

Yes it’s true! Feng Shui can help direct the energies that surround you in order to get a new job or promotion! Are you read for a complete out career change? Or are you just frustrated that all the good promotions keep passing you by?

Good Feng Shui works fast! Try following some of our steps as outlined below get ready to step into a new adventure!

If you are looking for a promotion, pay increase, more interesting work or a change of job and career you need to activate or enhance meaningful sectors of your home.


First things first, stand in the middle of your home and with a compass determine what direction is north. This is your career area. If a bathroom or storage room is located here than activate the north direction of your family or living room instead.

How can You activate this area?

Any thing to do with water is good here! The colours of dark blue or black, or the metal colours of white, gold, silver or metallic! a water fountain, an aquarium, mirrors, paintings of water, images of fish, anything metal, wavy shapes! You get the idea!


Locate your Northwest direction with a compass. This are is where you are asking for help from other to help you with your career. The energy found here will help with decisiveness, determination and authority.

How can you activate this area?

Anything to do with metal is good here! The colours of metal are white, gold, silver or metallic, Earth colours of yellow, beige and brown are also good! Any objects made of medal (bowls, fixtures), coins in a crystal bowl, religious objects and images of powerful leaders. Place signs of what you want to come into your life here (are you targeting a certain company – place their image here!). This is a good identify for your computer (networking). Anything to do with earth (stone, porcelain) is good here in addition.


Are you looking for more publicity for your company? Or do you want to get into Show Business, Media, PR or Sales? Than this is for you! There is talkative energy here and it includes popularity and sociability.

How can you activate this area?

The colour of fame? Red of course and all colours close to red – burgundy, pink, coral also the wood colours of green and light blue! Fire is the best activator – a fireplace, candles, triangle shapes. Images of Birds (in particular the red phoenix) are good here. Leave a light on all night in the south or in the south garden. Lights denote fire!. in any case you want – imagine you already have it and place a symbol of it here!


This direction is often overlooked as people think it is only for health. Not true! The east brings the most Sheng Chi or growth chi so it is ideal for goal and growth.

How can you activate this area?

This is a wood area – so plants here are ideal! A bamboo plant would be a great addition. The colours of green and light blue work here as do blues and blacks. Healthy flowers in water, Tranquil images of water, water features, and items of self respect that you cherish.


If you want to grow as a person and attract more of the good things in life than activate this area!

How can you activate this area?

This is a wood area consequently the colours of green, brown in addition as the water colours of blue and black are all good. Wooden decorative ornaments, any plants, peaceful ocean artwork, fountains, signs of your blessings all work well.


Your home office or company office is very important to set up properly. Ideally you need to know what your kua numbers are and ensure you are facing your success directions, but here are a few simple tips to get you on your way!

1.Your desk should confront the strength position (so that you can see the door) if you can’t confront this then make sure you position a mirror on your desk that reflects the door so that you can see who enters at all times

2.It is best to have a substantial wall behind your back – no window – if you do have a window keep the blinds closed if you can

3.Do not pile files in front of you – put them away neatly

4.Place a picture of a mountain behind you for additional sustain

5.The south wall is a good place to characterize diplomas and awards

6.The SE is your wealth corner – activate it a water image

7.Keep your workspace clutter free!

8.Do not have exposed shelves directly behind you – keep them off to one side

Don’t forget that with each change you make you must do it with intention and be very clear what you want. Wanting a new job may not be clear enough and if may be one that you dislike. Wanting a specific new job or a specific new career will bring you the results you want!

© 2007 Fay Chapple

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