London flat with “Trainspotting bathroom” listed for £290,000 is under…

AN “UNLIVABLE ” London flat listed for £290,000 complete with the “Trainspotting bathroom” has shockingly come under offer.

The decaying flat, on Bridge Road in Isleworth, London, appeared on the character website Zoopla late last month.

In a dire state, the two-bedroomed flat is noted to “require work” with the kitchen and bathroom particularly run down and lathered in disgustingly thick grime.

The grubby bathroom is being compared to the toilet from “Trainspotting”.                                     (C) Finders International

Social media users have already compared the grim bathroom to the renowned “worst toilet in Scotland” scene from Danny Boyle’s cult typical “Trainspotting”.

With the character under offer, many people have been left in despair at the housing market, given the price for a two-bedroom flat described as “unlivable”.

Whilst no floor plans are given, the 500-square-foot character appears to have five rooms and a hallway.

The rooms include the two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The two bedrooms are unfurnished and dated with an exposed floor and unflattering curtains.

The kitchen itself is disused and dirty, with only a grubby sink unit in view – hosting what appears to be mould and rust on its surfaces.

The floor is chipped and stained and the drapes are discolored and fragile.

The bathroom also poses a grim scene, with the sink, toilet and bath all covered in thick dirt.

The bath is stained with skin-crawling grime, with one social media user describing it as looking “like a corpse has been sitting in it”.

The kitchen of the flat isn’t much better than the bathroom.                                                          (C) Finders International

Finders International listed the character, writing: “This flat offers excellent living space located in a quiet residential street with all round sizable rooms.

“The flat comes with the additional assistance of a private rear garden and a private entrance, a great buy-to let opportunity.

“The character requires work including a new kitchen and bathroom and viewings highly recommended.”

The character has been shared on social media, attracting over 1,000 likes with hundreds of comments from users disgusted by the filthy flat.

One user said: “Oh wow, it’s a whole Trainspotting bathroom suite!”

Another joked: “I assume the price tag is due to this being the mould where penicillin was first discovered?”

A third user commented: “It looks like a corpse has been sitting in that bathtub for a fair few months and was only recently removed.”

And another replied: “How the hell is somewhere so unlivable so expensive?”

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