James Bond – Casino Royale

James Bond – Casino Royale

Another James Bond movie made, another typical to add to your video collection. Nowadays, who isn’t a fan of James Bond? This time, we have a new actor in the place of James, a British man by the name of Daniel Craig. I believe that he did a fantastic job as the main role, and they are already filming a new Bond movie with the same actor. Casino Royale is very different from your average James Bond flick. The action isn’t as cartoonish, and the movie has a much darker feel than the others. For some, it’s good news, and for others, it’s bad news.

First the bad news, some girls will not have a fun time watching the movie. As they seldom look for dark, violent, and serious movies. I think that Casino Royale may have lost some female James Bond fans. I also think that the movie is missing a bit of emotion, as the new Bond is nearly emotionless. Which isn’t a bad thing, I don’t mind empty emotions in my movies, as long as the storyline and acting make up for it. But I’m not talking about my personal preference. The bottom line is that this years Bond, is nothing like the past Bond. Some will like him, and some will not. It all depends on what you expect from a movie. In a nutshell, the ones who crave emotions from the main characters, may not like this movie. The ones who like more action, less talk, this film is for you.

I have a lot more to tell you on the good side of the film, before we get into the actual plot. There isn’t as much action in the movie as all of the other Bond films, but it’s more violent and ferocious. The storyline might be a little hard to follow, but after a few viewings, you gain the complete knowledge. Think of it like this: Each time you watch the film, you learn something that you didn’t know from the past viewing. A good amount of the movie takes place at a poker table. It may be a bit boring for some, but not for me. After all, who doesn’t like to sit down and watch a very emotional version of World Series of Poker? I didn’t think so.

The film takes place in many different locations. From the Bahamas, all the way down to Europe. The locations make the theme of the movie change pretty rapidly. So why is the movie 2 and a half hours long? It’s simply because a lot of things take place in the movie, various action scenes, information being discovered, which all leads from one thing to another, until the very emotional ending, which I won’t tell you. The main villain is very strange, and his role is more realistic than any other 007 film. What makes this film more realistic than the others, is how all of the events can truly happen in reality. Nothing over the top, and the events are similar to real life. No other action film I have seen contains such realistic events.

Overall, this is one of the better films of the James Bond series. It is one of the most rare action films I have seen, and I would definitely recommend it to action movie fans, and James Bond fans. People from all over the world can enjoy this film, as it is likeable by many people. Casino Royale has been in theatres for 2 weeks, and has made a total of $94.2 Million, and is one of the most successful Bond films. If you are going to see an action movie in theatres, what can be better than this? Nothing.

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