Is Mark Hughes Out of His thoroughness?

Manchester City look to be making their intentions clear with the latest signing of ex Manchester United loanee Carlos Tevez. There is also talk of a possible move for John Terry of Chelsea and Adebayor of Arsenal. These kind of players are big, which method big personalities and eventual big problems.

Whether Mark Hughes has the overall aura to conquer these problems during the season will be the difference in finishing in the top four or floundering somewhere in the sixth to tenth position. Sure, the signing of Terry would smooth the operation come the start of the season but Terry would have little or no competition for his place.

In attack however you have more forward options, already without Adebayor to cause some real upheaval. Robinho will cry when being left out, Tevez will complain that he is not respected enough when sitting on the bench for an away trip to Wigan and then you have the golf club swinging Mr Bellamy who will no doubt use most of the season going for Carling Cup Glory when he is not at home watching the results on the television. Add Santa Cruz and less talented other strikers on Manchester City’s payroll to the equation and you will have total turmoil unless managed correctly.

For Hughes it will not be about which formations to play but which players should he keep happy. It happened last season when Robinho came back late for training, the situation was quickly resolved by brushing it under the carpet further undermining Hughes’ position in the City hotseat.

He will one day be a very good manager but surely not at the moment. He does not have the managerial skill of Sir Alex Ferguson, the tactical shrewdness of Arsene Wenger nor the ability to manage the big players correctly as Mick McCarthey of Wolves has shown in the past.

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