Iron Man 2 – A Spiritual Interpretation

Iron Man 2 – A Spiritual Interpretation


This movie is one of my favorite adult movies of 2010 because it is fast, fun, exciting and funny. It stars many talented, well-established actors including Robert Downey, Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Shandling, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jon Favreau. It is a definite must-see.

As a sequel to the 2008 movie, Iron Man, directed by Jon Favreau, we learn that Tony Stark is the man behind the Iron Man disguise. The United States Senate Commission attempts to confiscate the secret technology behind the Iron Man that Tony invented. He evades the Senate but we soon find out that not only is he being poisoned by the palladium in his arc reactor which keeps him alive, but also that there is another Russain scientist who has invented a similar suit and is bent on revenge against the Stark family.

This lens focuses on specific quotes from the movie. Each quote is interpreted and explored for its deeper, spiritual meaning. If you have already seen the movie then you will be surprised and entertained by the content in this lens. If you have not seen the movie, then after reading this lens you will have a spiritual perspective when you do! It’s fun!

“The world is experiencing the longest reign of peace in its history.”
Tony Stark makes this comment at his EXPO in the beginning of the movie
World peace is the dream of all who are called to higher spiritual awareness. Humankind is evolving in this direction, however, many days we listen or watch the news and are reminded of the current planetary strife. Instead of focusing on this without, we are called to pray and envision a harmonious planet that is healed, whole and loving.

“It’s not about your or us. It’s about legacy, what we choose to leave behind. We will be leaving a better future.”
Tony Stark to the public during the Stark EXPO
While our world currently exists with war, famine, poverty and crime, it is important to follow the path of spirituality and enlightenment. While we are able to manifest joy within our lives, we spread love to Mother Earth and its future inhabitants, our children and our later family tree.

“We live in a world complete of threats, some that we might not always see.”
Senator Stern to the public at the Commission with Tony Stark
Negative energies exist in the physical size in addition as the unseen realms. The spiritually sensitive person understands the importance of protecting oneself not only by healing past traumas, but also by focusing the thoughts on positive outcomes and experiences. The Universal Law of allurement states that like attracts like, so fear draws potentially unhealthy situations.

There are many methods of protecting yourself from psychic attack, such as calling on protective strength animals like wolf, envisioning a protective protect surrounding you, or asking for protection from your angels and spirit guides. This can be done at any time during the day and may be easier to remember first thing in the morning when you wake up.

“I have successfully privatized world peace. What more do you want?”
Tony Stark to the Senate committee
Just as our lives are ever changing, the path and job requirements of the lightworker are never ending. To be flexible and creative is to enjoy the many encounters we have in our life times because we are never done. One lifetime leads to the next and we pick up with the opportunity to learn our unlearned lessons and progress toward spiritual evolution.

“The device that is keeping you alive is also killing you.”
Jarvis, the computer, to Tony Stark
As spiritual beings, we manifest into a physical size and a human body so that we may progress along our journey to enlightenment. While we are eternal, the body is not, and our ego is ultimately faced with its end as our Eternal Being discloses itself and we travel home to the spirit size.

“This expo is your ego gone crazy.”
Pepper Potts to Tony Stark
The person who is ruled by their ego has not however tapped into their own, true Divine Source. Rather, that person lives within the confines of their five senses and quite possibly suffers from disease, addiction or unhappiness.

“If you can make God bleed then you can make people stop believing and the sharks will come.”
Ivan Vanko to Tony Stark
This statement is an example of the ego attempting to place doubt into your mind. The ego acts like a prosecuting attorney, sitting on your shoulder and whispering lies into your ear, saying things like, “You’re not lovable,” or “You’re an idiot,” or “You’re wrong.” The ego clouds the mind with untruths and it is the job of faith and grace to see beyond these lies.

“I want my bird. MY bird.”
Ivan Vanko to Justin Hammer when he was presented with a strange bird
Every person on this planet has a Divine Self, no matter what crimes they have committed. Everyone is capable of love and from a Divine perspective, already the mass murderer deserves to be loved. Many people who have suffered tragedies in their lives find comfort in the unconditional love provided by pets.

“You don’t have to do this alone.”
Colonel James Rhodes to Tony Stark
The ego wants to confuse us. It wants us to believe that we live this life — and that is that. But the truth is that we are eternal beings, each connected to one another in a divine web of universal existence. We are not alone. already now as you read this lens, you are surrounded by your spirit guides and angels, providing love and sustain to you on your journey.

“I would do at any rate I want, however I want to do it.”
Natalie Rushman to Tony when asked how she would use her last birthday
When you are spiritually connected, you realize that each moment of each day is to be treasured and lived to the fullest with enthusiasm. In a sense, it is like you are living each day as if it were your last because you follow your internal guidance system with joy.

“Don’t get so attached to things. Learn to let go.”
Justin Hammer to Ivan Vanko
Surrender is an important spiritual tenant. It allows you to progress forward on your life’s path instead of holding onto old hurt and experiencing.

“What is and always will be my greatest creation is you.”
Howard Stark to his son, Tony
The spiritual contract between family members is very powerful. When children are raised in a loving, accepting and supportive air the bond is strengthened and solidified over many generations to come.

“I don’t like people handing me things.”
Tony Stark to a roadside vendor
As Louise L. Hay explains in her book, Heal Your Body A-Z (see link below), there are mental causes for physical illness. Hands symbolize different ways of dealing with experiences, like holding, grasping, letting go, or pinching. When one has difficulty with this area they may find healing when they choose to manager life’s situations with peace and love.

“That was easy.”
Tony Stark to himself after creating a new component
When we follow our intuition or instinct and do what we love to do in life, it flows and feels very easy!

“You deserve better.”
Tony Stark to Pepper Potts
Everyone deserves to respect and take care of themselves. Many times spiritual people want to be helpful and end up forgetting their own needs. We must remember to love and cherish ourselves first so that we may be strong and capable to give sustain, love and assistance to others. This includes meditation, prayer, study, relaxation, dance, music, exercise, diet, and the other special things you enjoy doing.

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