Introduction to Silk Test Architecture

Normal use of an application consists of a person manipulating a keyboard and mouse to begin application operations. The person is said to be interacting with the GUI (Graphical User Interface). During Silk Test testing, Silk Test interacts with the GUI to submit operations to the application automatically.

consequently Silk Test can simulate the actions of a person who is exercising all the capabilities of an application and verifying the results of each operation. The simulated user (Silk test) is said to be driving the application. The application under test reacts to the simulated user exactly as it would react to a human rest. Silk Test consists of two definite software elements that execute in separate processes:

The Silk Test great number software

The 4Test Agent software

Silk Test great number software

The Silk Test great number software is the program you use to develop, edit, compile, run and debug your 4Test scripts and test plans. This manual refers to the system that runs this program as the great number machine or the Silk Test machine.

The Agent

The 4Test Agent is the software course of action that translates the commands in your 4Test scripts into GUI-specific commands. In order words, it is the Agent that truly drives and monitors the application you are testing. One Agent can run locally on the great number machine. In a networked ecosystem, any number of Agents can run on far away machines. This manual refers to the systems that run far away Agents as target machines. This manual refers to the systems that run far away Agents as target machines. In a client/server ecosystem, Silk Test drives the client application by method of an Agent course of action running on each application’s machine. The application then drives the server just as it always does. Silk Test is also capable of driving the GUI belonging to a server or of directly driving a server database by running scripts that submit SQL statements to the database. These methods o directly manipulating the server application are intended to sustain testing in which the client application drives the server.

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