Introducing a Speaker – How to Give an Introduction That Builds Audien…

Introducing a Speaker – How to Give an Introduction That Builds Audien…

Have you ever heard someone introduce a speaker and wondered, “What is this guy going to talk about? Why is he here? And who is this guy anyway.” A good introduction should make all of this obvious. Let’s go by the meaningful elements of a good introduction, and then we’ll look at an example.

The speaker’s name. This may seem obvious, but don’t be one of those people anxiously asking your neighbour for the name of the speaker at the last minute. Get it in improvement and write it down. And make sure you pronounce it correctly. If it’s an uncommon name, ask the person for the correct pronunciation. I’ve heard introductions where the speaker’s name has been mispronounced, or already where the speaker’s surname has been used in place of his first.

Speech title. Not all guest speakers will have a title for their presentation. But if they have, you want to know what it is.

Speech topic. Find out what they will be speaking on. Not just the general topic, but what aspect of it they are going to cover. Don’t just say the speaker is here to talk about mortgages, say she’s here to give investors tips to getting mortgages approved in the tough new economic climate, now that edges have tightened their lending criteria. Be specific

Importance and timeliness of topic. Why is this topic important? Why is it especially applicable right now? Have the edges tightened their lending criteria once more? Are they doing sneaky tricks when you refinance, like taking equity from one character and paying it into another character that bank holds that has a higher loan to value ratio? Are they examining your bank account transactions for evidence of frivolous spending?

Why this speaker? Give the speaker’s experience and credentials. For example, she has worked in the residential mortgage industry for the last eight years. Give only applicable credentials. We want to know that she was a finalist for mortgage broker of the year in 2006 and 2008, but not that she won the local baking competition.

Audience benefits. Translate the speaker’s knowledge and experience into benefits for the audience. In this case, her experience will average you will be more likely to get your mortgage application approved, compared to brokers with less experience or knowledge.

Work with the speaker. If she is an experience speaker she may have her own introduction already written out. Also, if you work with her, and show her your draft introduction, she may point out something you have overlooked, that should be included.

Our next speaker is Tracey Munns from Connect Mortgages. (Notice I’m giving the name right at the beginning. Unless you’re bringing Michael Jackson back from the dead, there’s no reason to keep the name secret till the end of the introduction in an attempt to build suspense.) I first heard Tracey speak at a seminar for Richmastery, and she made the most extraordinary statement. Before I tell you what she said, I want you to keep up your hand up if you’ve ever had a mortgage application turned down. OK. If you just put your hand up, you’re going to love Tracey. When I heard her speak, she said, “I can get anyone a mortgage.”

I thought, I have to find out more about this person. I looked on her website. It said Tracey has a Bachelor of Commerce. She’s worked in the finance field for ten years. For the last eight years she’s worked with residential mortgages. Over that time, she’s approved more than $445 million dollars in mortgages. She was a finalist for mortgage broker of the year in 2006 and 2008.

It looked like she knew what she was doing. But there was only one way to test it. Could she really get anyone a mortgage? Could she get one for me? I was in a situation where I’d just been turned down for a mortgage by another broker. I was one of those people that mortgage brokers don’t like. Low income and very little equity. I was hard work. I already had a mortgage broker hang up on me once. I went and saw Tracey and and just like that she got me not one, but two mortgages. So if you were to ask me, is Tracey a good mortgage broker, I’d say no. She’s not a mortgage broker, she’s a magician. And she’s here today to tell us how to get mortgages approved in a recession. Please join me in welcoming Tracey Munns.

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