Inspirational Book Review – My Thoughts On Victorious Confessions

Inspirational Book Review – My Thoughts On Victorious Confessions

By: Dr. Bridget E. Hilliard

ISBN 881-357-10-4

Book Price: $5.00

Life changing ideas to help you win

Dr. Bridget Hilliard speaks to thousands daily on local and national television stations. Her life is an example of a woman living in victory, and is the founder of The Women Who Win Network. CD, DVD, and printed resources by Dr. Bridget have changed thousands of lives globally.

Overcoming in life
Dr. Bridget discloses powerful keys to use our tongues for shaping successful lives. These keys relate to, overcoming financial challenges (Ch. 2), parenting and child-rearing (Ch.4), overcoming sickness (Ch. 6), overcoming grief and sorrow (Ch. 7), building self-esteem (Ch. 9), and more.

Transform your life with the words you speak

Dr. Hilliard has a transparent and functional style. She shares personal life illustrations to transform reader’s lives. The faith-building size of her teaching is a dynamic ingredient of this book, as seen in statements like, “Words are powerful containers; they can carry faith or fear. I had to choose to speak faith-filled words.”

As Dr. Bridget expresses her views, she includes many of her personal faith-filled statements, such as, “My mind is alert to receive creative ideas and inventions. My hands are skilled to perform the work that will bring me success.” Such examples aim to inspire readers to embrace the challenge to create a new life with their tongue!

Another facet of Dr. Bridget’s writing that will inspire readers is the inclusion of faith texts from the bible. She gives texts like, “The Lord perfects that which concerns me (Psalms 138:8)… ” After each text, Dr. Hilliard expresses words she uses to confirm these over her life, as, “Lord, you potential to perfect all that concerns me.” It is clear that her aim is to impel readers to take the promises of God, from the bible, and release them into their lives.

The culmination of Dr. Hilliard’s writing guides readers into prayers of thanks that inspire faith to fill their words. She shares personal prayers as, “I thank You Father for supernatural wisdom, supernatural increase, and supernatural debt cancellation in my life… I call increase, abundance and wealth to come to me NOW… “

Victorious statements of change

Dr. Bridget Hilliard inspires readers to experience a better life by victorious statements of change.

Success Step: Write a bible verse (& statement), for one situation you want changed in life. Speak this change!

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