Ignition Interlock Requirements After a Washington State DUI Arrest

Ignition Interlock Requirements After a Washington State DUI Arrest

In the Washington State court system an individual accused of a DUI faces an ignition interlock requirement during three basic stages after a DUI arrest.

The first is at the DUI arraignment. The arraignment is the first court turn up one has after a DUI arrest. In Washington depending on the court this may occur the next or within a few months. During this hearing the Prosecutor will formally file a DUI charge and will ask the estimate to set conditions while the case is pending. In Washington State a court has the authority to impose these conditions under Criminal Rule 3.2. If the Court finds the accused is likely to commit a violent offense, or if they are likely to not come back to court, or if they are likely to intimidate a observe then a condition of release can be imposed.

When it comes to DUI situations in Washington State any Court has the authority to impose an ignition interlock requirement while the case is going on if the estimate finds there is a substantial likelihood the accused will continue to drink and excursion. One of the things that is helpful in avoiding this is providing an alcohol and drug assessment from a State Certified treatment center saying the accused is not likely to reoffend, and this was an secluded incident that is completely out of character.

The second possibility can occur after a DUI conviction. In Washington State a person faces a mandatory ignition interlock requirement if they are convicted of a DUI. The length of the requirements vary depending on prior DUI history. The range has set forth by the State Legislature is 1 year for a first offense, 5 years for a second offense, and 3 years for a third offense. After the conviction the clerk who heard your case will file electronic notice with Washington DOL that you are required to have an IID. This will happen within a few business days of the conviction, and DOL will send a letter informing of the IID requirement.

The third possibility where one can confront an ignition interlock requirement is after the Washington State Department of Licensing administrative hearing. This is the civil hearing one has after a DUI arrest. This hearing determines whether or not a license suspension or suspension of a privilege to excursion in Washington state will occur. If the Department of Licensing decides to suspend a drivers license then one can apply for a special license which would allow them to excursion during the suspension period. This is called an ignition interlock license. The requirements for this license is to install a functioning interlock device in any means you excursion, provide proof of SR22 insurance, and pay the application fee, one also needs a valid Washington State License at the time of the suspension.

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