Hydrogen Cars, Is It A Scam? The strength Of Hydrogen!

Hydrogen Cars, Is It A Scam? The strength Of Hydrogen!

Hydrogen, it is the simplest component that is known. It has the highest energy by weight, approximately 3 times more than gasoline. Liquid hydrogen can push a space shuttle into orbit! The only problem is that it doesn’t exhist in its gas form (H2) on earth. Two methods of extraction of hydrogen exhist; the electrolysis and the steam reforming method.

For the purpose of this article, the electrolysis will be our only method of extraction, this method creates no emissions and is an easy method to assemble on a car. This method also only requires water and electricity to produce hydrogen.

The gas prices are making big holes in our pockets, what can we do? There are two solutions to this problem; to buy a hybrid or to make a hybrid out of the car you have now. As you may have noticed by this time, the second solution is by far cheaper.

The do-it-yourself guide helps a driver to transform his car to use water as gas. It might seem crazy at first sight but the use of water instead of gas can double your mileage, save you money on gas and lower your emissions.

The conversion is safe because the hydrogen is extracted and consumed as you excursion, consequently no risk of explosions. The system consists of a simple assembly of tubes with a source of electricity (your car’s battery) You don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to make it work but certain guides explain the steps better than others, consequently some conversions are achieved faster and easier. Thousands of people all over the world do it, we need help and this is the answer!

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