Humans finally touch the surface of sun for the first time using a spa…

The existence of our solar system (sun) is been a misery for centuries as scientist, philosophers argued and research on for many years on finding and exploring the powerful star on our orbit.

The Sun has been the talk about among humans for years. This humans who have contributed to the study of the sun includes: Newton, Galileo, and Kepler etc.

by the help of the NASA findings and study of the Sun, it first spacecraft designed to analyze the cosmos and the sun, called Parker Solar Probe was sent on a seven-year mission to probe in 2018.

Parker Solar Probe

According to reports from NASA The spacecraft has already discovered and gather insightful things about our star. The human spacecraft, Parker Solar Probe finally reach the surface of the sun with historic entry into the solar air and nevertheless going nearer as the missions goes on.

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