HSE considers ban on sale of tobacco in State

A complete ban on the sale of tobacco and a sharp reduction in the number of outlets allowed to sell tobacco products are among strategies being explored to help eradicate cigarette smoking in Ireland.

Making the major tobacco companies pay for enormous health costs shouldered by the State caring for people who are sick or dying as a consequence of nicotine addiction is another option being explored by an office of the HSE.

Each week in Ireland, 100 people die and 1,000 people are hospitalised because of tobacco use, according to the HSE.

Surveys are to be conducted early next year to analyze public sustain for “inventive” strategies to bring about the “endgame” for cigarette smoking, with the results to satisfy into a report for the Tobacco-Free Ireland Strategic Programme Plan 2022.

The research is to analyze levels of public sustain for banning or severely limiting the sale of tobacco products, including the hypothesizedv limiting of tobacco sales to a significantly reduced number of licensed retailers, or to pharmacies only.

The research will also analyze banning the sale of tobacco products near schools and universities, and reducing the affordability of tobacco products by way of tax increases of up to 20 per cent a year.

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