How to Use the Magic of Archetypes for Manifesting, Guidance and Psych…

How to Use the Magic of Archetypes for Manifesting, Guidance and Psych…

Detailed, consistent visualization is undoubtedly the meaningful to embedding the astral plane with the blueprint for your desires so that they will manifest in your physical plane. However, unless you are a highly imaginative person or one who has taken the time to develop the skill of detailed visualization, it is often easier to use archetypes to imprint the matrix of creation.

Archetypes are signs with universal meanings which become the prototypes for every possible situation or occurrence in the manifested universe. They are energy blueprints which exist within the collective consciousness of humanity.

These signs are the language of the higher, non-physical planes and are, consequently, not easily translatable into verbal communication – especially when their deeper meanings are hidden at the subconscious level. for example, how often have you felt the frustration of not being able to remember your dreams already when they seemed to be at the tip of your tongue or at the border of your awareness?

By energizing the appropriate archetypal signs, their corresponding universal patterns, already existing in the astral plane, will generate the matrices upon which your desires can manifest. Examples of such powerful cause images are: the wise old man who provides wisdom and guidance, the buxom mother figure who brings fertility and productivity and the armed warrior who displays courage.

Discover which archetypes best symbolize your desires and you will have a handy tool for reality-creation at you beck and call. Emergency situations, such as manifesting a aim connection or requesting for psychic protection, easily lend themselves to the use of archetypes.

The following are some useful universal signs which can be help you create your desired life situations:

  • A BRIDGE connects you from one locale or situation to another. for example, a mental picture of a bridge can reinforce your energy connection to your dream house or dream vacation.
  • A protect is a protective archetype. This image can be imaginatively reshaped and designed to fit any specific situation which requires protection.
  • A SWORD has multiple connotations, including cutting to the heart of the matter – a helpful image if you want to clarify a situation or bypass bureaucratic red tape. Apply the SWORD archetype responsibly because it also possesses a destructive possible which is obvious and which YOU MUST AVOID USING UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO DEAL WITH THE meaningful KARMIC CONSEQUENCES.

The possibilities for archetypal use are endless. In fact, it may be worth obtaining a dictionary of archetypes or a book of signs if this tool for manifesting appeals to you.

Archetypes admittedly also require some degree of visualization but you can simplify your work considerably by collecting existing pictures of signs which you may want to use. The internet provides many such usable images although magazines are probably a better source of colored pictures, especially if you do not own a color printer.

Search for powerful, unambiguous pictures of archetypes and consider including images of mythological and historical idols and heroines. for example, you can imagine Hermes (messenger of the gods) hand-carrying a much awaited letter of good fortune or Hercules (a demi-god) giving you the strength and protection for a particularly challenging undertaking.

The uses of archetypes are as varied and endless as your imagination allows. As long as you are clear about the universal meaning involved, you can be flexible in creating a ritual to energize the archetype being used.

Amulets and talismans are often empowered by archetypal symbolism. Sometimes the meanings of certain signs are not closest obvious but they can be intuited at a deeper, subconscious level.

Shamans are instinctively gifted readers of energy patterns and signs found in the natural world, for example, patterns of leaves on the ground or already cloud formations. Because these tribal sages know that the universe is never silent, they are able to provide advice and guidance simply by reading the universal signs and signals in the world around them.

Most forms of divination are based on the interpretation of archetypes. for example, the major arcana (picture cards) of the Tarot cards are designed to encode universal symbolism.

As mentioned earlier, the great advantage of using archetypes in manifesting is that their meanings are already encoded as the language of the matrix. You would, consequently, simply be using the built-in resonance between the archetypal symbol and its pre-existing meaning in order to cause your desired manifestation.

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