How To Use Amazon S3, Cloudfront and S3 Fox for Video

How To Use Amazon S3, Cloudfront and S3 Fox for Video

It doesn’t matter where you look it’s video video video, and it can be confusing how to get your videos to your viewers.  Many people talk of using Amazon S3, but what is Amazon S3 and how do you truly use it yourself?   What about content dispensing (or delivery) networks (CDN’s), what’s Amazon Cloudfront, do you need both?   The end goal is you want to be able to stream your videos as fast as possible and Amazon gives you that ability.

Video Streaming
Getting your videos uploaded and made obtainable for download on YouTube is fairly straight forward.  There is all kinds of information on how to and the website makes it very easy.  But what if you want to great number your videos yourself, you want them only on your website, you have private videos for your customers or your membership site.  You don’t want them hosted on YouTube or other public hosting sets, you want to be in control.

Nobody likes videos that are slow to load and stop and buffer by playback.  So you need a very fast scalable solution to spread your videos and Amazon provides a very affordable pay as you go service to do that.

I wrote about Cloudfront and Amazon S3 in past blog posts, you can read those further.

How To Setup Amazon S3 & Cloudfront
I’ve produced a video that outlines what exactly is Amazon S3 and Cloudfront, what they’re purpose is, and then how to truly set them up.  After you setup the sets, I show you how to use S3 Fox, a simple firefox plugin to manager the day to day management of your files within Amazon so you can easily get links for your videos and send them to people, paste them into software applications like OptimizePress etc.

The video is broken into 4 sections:

  1. What is Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront
  2. Setting up Amazon S3
  3. Setting up Amazon Cloudfront
  4. Managing your videos/links with S3 Fox

After going by those steps, you’ll have the strength of a global content delivery network at your finger tips ready to serve up your videos in the fastest possible way anywhere on the planet.  How is that for cool, the same kind of strength that huge media companies use and you can leverage it for your videos at dirt cheap on-need prices.

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