How to Lower Electric Bill in 10 Easy Ways

How to Lower Electric Bill in 10 Easy Ways

Electric bills make up most of the monthly bills in households. This is already more so with large homes or when there are multiple residents living in the house. Families are trying out more and more ways to lower electric bill. So they can use the money they will save for more important things. A lower electric bill also indicates that you are helping the ecosystem by using up less energy.

Just follow these tips to lower electric bill:

1. When not in use, turn off lights. The savings might be small initially, but it will all add up to huge savings in the long run. In this way, you are also not wasting precious energy.

2. Do regular maintenance with the air conditioning units. Dirty filters average that your air conditioning unit has to work harder to keep you cooler and it has to consume more energy than necessary.

3. Have your dripping or leaking faucets fixed. These drips average that you are wasting water and your pump is working additional to replace the water. If the faucet is dripping hot water then your hot water heater is also performing unnecessary work.

4. Go for appliances that are good for the ecosystem and are energy efficient. You can have your pick of energy saving appliances in any store. More and more people are becoming self-aware about the planet?s plight. Ask the salesman in the appliance store if they carry energy efficient appliances.

5. Unless it is necessary, don’t use electrical appliances. already though they are energy efficient, they nevertheless eat up energy. When you have to use the clothes dryer, make sure there is a complete load so you can use it to its complete advantage. And if it is a breezy day, you can just air dry your clothes.

6. Keep drafts from getting in your home. Check windows or openings for drafts. When you do find drafts, look for ways to cover them up. When there are drafts, the air that you are paying to keep cool or hot could leave the house.

7. When washing, do only complete loads. Do not use the dishwasher or clothes dryer unless you have a complete load to put in. Two small loads will cost twice as much as a single complete load. You might in addition wait until you have a complete load to do.

8. Use timers for your air conditioning unit and thermostats. If you have one of those programmable thermostats, you can program it lower during colder months and higher during hotter months. This way your air conditioning unit or heater won?t have to consume so much energy.

9. Make use of natural light as much as possible. If there is nevertheless sunlight that can be used then you shouldn’t turn on the lights in your house. A few hours with your lights turned off could average hundreds of dollars in savings for you in the long run.

10. Use solar strength and other homemade energy. Homemade energy is a growing fad among American homes these days. You can harness the strength of character into producing energy for you. This can be done by solar panels and wind mills. It will lower electric bill in your home.

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