How to Kill Wasps the Easy Way – Eliminate Wasps in No Time and Be Free of Them

How to Kill Wasps the Easy Way – Eliminate Wasps in No Time and Be Free of Them

There are two kinds of wasps, one that can give you a lot of trouble and one that won’t be bothering you much, and is in fact quite advantageous to your garden. The lone kind don’t make any nests and will take care of bothersome pests in your garden. The social wasps, however, is the one you want to watch out for. If you have those kind of wasps, it can cause you some headache, but don’t worry, we will see some easy ways on how to kill wasps.

As with any pests, precautions and anticipation is a good way to make sure you won’t have a wasp infestation. Wasps all die during cold weather, except for the queen, that goes into hibernation. Once she wakes up, she will look for a nest. This happens at the beginning of spring. If you see a big wasp looking around your house or garage, take no chance and kill it, it is probably a queen looking to make a nest in or around your house. Other useful things you can do is fill up any fractures or holes around your house or in the garden, since it is a favorite nesting place for wasps. Also by sealing garbage, not having any sweet things around your house you decreases the chances of having wasp problems. If you got a wasp nest problem and want to know how to kill wasps, then read on to know how to eliminate wasps.

The best way to eliminate wasps from an underground nest is with kerosene or diesel fuel. The reason is that the toxic fumes will kill them very quickly. The trick is to know of all the holes that the wasps use for their nest. When you know where they are, you have to work during the night or early morning, when most of them are sleeping in the nest. You need to pour the kerosene or diesel fuel and cover the holes as fast as possible, having a partner is ideal. If the holes are all sealed, the toxic vapors will get rid of the complete nest very fast.

For outside nests, such as a paper wasp nest, it’s not difficult either. You will need to work at night also. How to kill wasps without being in danger you might ask. Simple you just need to be well dressed with a few layers to prevent stings. You should also move slowly and get your wasp killing agent ready. Raid is very useful for getting rid of wasps. You should spray the entrance enough that the wasps will get in contact with the chemicals when they go out. If the nest is elevated, use a projectile spray instead, it should reach the nest, since it can spray up to 20 feet. This should take car of your wasp problems.

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