How To Keep Deer From Eating Our Beloved Garden Plants

How To Keep Deer From Eating Our Beloved Garden Plants

Although we all like to see animals cavorting around in their natural habitat, what we cannot stand is to see them making a meal out of our favorite shrubs and bushes in the back yard. Indeed, all that hard work of ours can be laid to waste in just a matter of minutes if we do not guard against it. Other than putting up ten foot fences, which would make the place, look like a prison, we can do something to avid wild animals from having a free meal. Deer repellent is one answer, along with deer repellent plants which put off these beautiful animals and encourage them to eat supper somewhere else.

The first sign that the wild animal population is becoming a little too much is the amount of road kill that is seen around the character. Only when animals have to search for easy food off their normal hunting grounds do man and beast come into conflict. If more dead animals are spotted it is obvious that their food supply is not enough to sustain them wherever they typically live. It is this human/animal conflict then that brings about the need to be prepared for all eventualities.

What the avid gardener must do, if his prized specimens are to survive, is to ensure that the animal does not find the garden enticing. Sprays are the easiest way to make sure that any vegetation tastes bad. Once the animal has tried a few times to come in for a nibble and found that nothing there is appropriate, they usually wander off in search of more tasty forage somewhere else.

These sprays stay on leaves and vegetation over some time and already the rain does not wash it off. This method that regular spraying will keep the animals under control quite successfully. However, when the spraying is missed or forgotten, these crafty creatures will cotton on very fast so be careful when the spraying is to be done etc.

Although the sprays work quite well, most people want a lasting solution so that they do not have to keep messing with chemicals etc. For these people, putting in an electric fence may be the answer. This can be done in one of two ways for sure. Either a continuous fence can be put in around the garden which gives off small shocks to animals brushing against it, or there are electric posts which can be distributed around in the grass so that the same thing happens once the animal comes into contact with it.

Although some people have put in motion sensors which set off lights and radios when animals come into view, these can upset neighbors in quiet areas so some thought has to go into the right method of deterrence. The animals also get used to this disturbance when they see that nothing else happens after the sudden noise and light and they will quickly learn to ignore the nuisance and get on with eating! Indeed, keeping them out of the garden becomes an obsession for some so take care to do research to keep up back character as much as possible.

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