How to Get Free Mortgage Help, When edges Don’t Want to Help

How to Get Free Mortgage Help, When edges Don’t Want to Help

Are you one of the many credit-worthy homeowners looking for mortgage help,? For an ever increasing number of UK homeowners, obtaining a mortgage is no longer a straightforward proposition. Post credit crunch, edges and building societies have been tightening their lending policy resulting in many, low-risk credit-worthy borrowers being refused mortgages they would otherwise have easily qualified for a associate of years ago. Now all of a sudden they inadvertently fall ‘outside the lenders criteria’ by no fault of their own.

Remember these are credit worthy people which nationally must represent several million people who cannot acquire a new mortgage on sensible terms. This is having a chilling effect on the real estate market – less sellers and buyers method fewer transactions, inevitably leading to a stagnant real estate market and ultimately creating a negative drag on the economy. Considering we are in the middle of a recession it is hard to envision an economic recovery taking place without an expanding housing market. And this is not likely to happen without a return to sensible risk assessed lending based on an individual’s real circumstances.

Unfortunately for the millions of frustrated consumers who need mortgages – our lenders don’t really care. No matter what they say – it is a numbers game for them – for every one they decline – there will always be another banging on their door. The edges care more about their self serving regulator than the poor old consumer. Multi-million £ fines have a way of focusing the lenders attention on the intricacies of the FSA rule book above all else. In fact ironically the edges and the regulator are so preoccupied with manipulating and managing their own complicate fiefdoms that there is very little assistance left for the individual consumer. Increasingly it will be down to the mortgage advisor to provide the objective advice and guidance.

We at Free Mortgage Help, understand that it is more important than ever for people to seek independent mortgage advice. A qualified and experienced adviser can find you the best option and save you the frustration and hassle of analyzing lenders endless criteria issues. Also be aware that edges and Building Societies are not interested in offering you genuine help – understandably they are more interested in selling you their own financial products and will never tell you about a better deal down the street. For this reason amongst many more you can’t do better than seek out qualified independent mortgage help,.

Visit our site and we will put you in touch with the best kind of expert objective advice. Our qualified experts have a genuine desire to help you find the right mortgage.

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