How to Do Web Hosting Comparison and What Factors Affect My Selection

Before you make web hosting comparison you need to know some basic factors to find out your website requirements. When you know your website requirements, it will become easier for you to choose the desired web hosting package from your favorite web great number.

There are several factors that you need to know and understand your website needs before you compare web hosting:

Hosting space you need for your website files?

Amount of hosting space is an important factor. You might have a small website with few pages such as personal page or very small business website, or a medium size website with database requirement or a large website with large number of files. in addition as the number of video files will affect space requirement as they are heavier than other files format

Bandwidth or Data move

How much traffic you expect to receive on your website each month? It really depends on size of website (number of pages), the marketing done for your website and kind of service offered online. For example an e-commerce website can expect more website traffic than a small business website but marketing is an important factor which could affect website bandwidth requirements.

Does your website require a Database?

A database is need to record your online data such as website blog page, customer feedback, visitor subscriptions, inventory of products you are selling, record member data and other custom functionality etc.

Number of Email Accounts needed?

Using your business emails is an important activity to show your online presence to your customers/ visitors. This really depends on web great number, some might offer unlimited email accounts while others will offer limited number of email accounts.

Pricing Plans and payment cycles

How much it will cost you for hosting service for the chosen package. It will not be a wise decision to go against your budget. It will always a good choice to go for larger payment cycle, for example if you choose a two-year payment cycle it will cost you less money in comparison to one year or monthly payment cycles. Few web hosts also provide 6 month also called biannual payment cycle

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