How Taking Prenatal Classes Helped Me Become A Devoted Dad And a Bette…

How Taking Prenatal Classes Helped Me Become A Devoted Dad And a Bette…

Back in 2009, when I first became a father, I was filled with joy, happiness, and so much pride. An overwhelming feeling.

The months preceding this life-changing event were joyful too, walking around New York city hand in hand with my wife carefully, supporting her during the pregnancy, and treating her like an egg.

I consider that time to be one of the best in my life. We were about to be entrusted with a precious new life, there is no greater responsibility. “If only babies came with a manual” I sometimes asked myself!.

A few months before my wife’s due date, we had decided to enroll into a prenatal program. We would meet up with other couples every Saturday from 9 AM to 11 AM for about a month. Our teacher’s name was Mary, a wonderful nurse from St.Vicent hospital which is now closed, she covered a wide variety of subjects, valuable information that has stayed with me, and served me extremely well. In fact, what I learned during the prenatal classes gave me supreme confidence in knowing that, I could comfortably help care for the baby and help my wife.

The topics covered included:

How labor works: signs, stages, when to call, when to go.
The complete range of natural coping strategies from massage to breathing to positioning.
Epidurals and pain medications.
What you need to know about medical procedures such as monitoring, induction, and cesarean birth.
What to expect at the hospital or birth center and during the recovery period.
The different ways to sustain a woman in labor.
Caring for your baby daily, the many ways to know if your child is hungry of is feeding well.
How to change a diaper, burp or keep up the baby…

At first, I can understand how all this can be too much information to take in for us, guys, especially for the first time dads. However, as you go along with it, you’ll quickly discover a new sense of purpose within you to become the best dad and partner you can be. Pregnancy is not an easy journey for our wives or partners in life, but when we show the willingness to get involved early on and learn about how things work before, during and after birth, it helps us solidify our bonds as a associate, it makes us stronger. Better in addition, it lays the foundation for us to become better dads. The new baby greatly benefits from this in every way imaginable.

A good way to start is to ask if they offer prenatal classes at the hospital where your wife/partner will give birth. You can also research online for other private places that may charge a few hundred dollars, it would be money well spent, trust me.

Until then, enjoy this time immensely as it goes quickly. Looking back at 2009, my wife and I are grateful to have taken the prenatal classes with Mary. That information has and is nevertheless helping me with my family.

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