How Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK Helps Develop a Softphone

How Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK Helps Develop a Softphone

If you choose Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK it will save your time, efforts and offer easy-to-use applications. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK in relation with soft phone is rare and the best choice because above all, is able to cope with different programming languages – Visual C++, VB.Net, C #, etc. – as it is for.NET.

The Ozeki VoIP SDK uses SIP protocol providing communication with other soft phones, VoIP telephones, ordinary analogue telephone devices and mobile phones. Using the VoIP (voice over IP) protocol, the Ozeki VoIP SDK allows you the main roles of a soft phone by which you can create your own VoIP application.

Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is a much better supplied device as opposed to an ordinary phone in terms of functionality, comfort and qualitative audiovisual qualities. additionally, it does not only include most features an ordinary telephone owns, but by the method of it you can also make video and conference calls, indicate the user’s presence and choose from the various online messaging possibilities, too. Ozeki SIP SDK is different from other VoIP SDK products because it offers you a ready-to-use solution when it comes to soft phone development.


These are the very basic roles that a fully featured soft phone should sustain:
• register to a SIP PBX
• send and receive audio and video messages and calls
• use audio devices: microphone, speaker, headset
• play a voice call and play a wav, and an MP3 file
• play voice from the microphone into a SIP voice call
• play incoming voice on the speaker
• recognize incoming voice
• accept, reject, forward and move an incoming call (using blind move and attended call move) and how to keep up it
• use DTMF signalling
• auto answer (AA) and do not upset (DND)
• make a video call (and play an avi)
• use video devices (camera and video playback)

Make/Receive phone calls

For a soft phone, it is the basic functionality to be able to make and receive phone calls. As a prerequisite for having a successful phone call you might call your partner only in case the other end-point has before accepted you as a contact, additionally both parties need to be online and obtainable. Due to proper soft phone applications, the position of contacts is visible, in addition as the availability of the necessary technical devices. You have the possibility to make your job easier and more efficient with the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK which provides these prerequisites and offers extended codec and function sustain.

Video phoning

Depending on your goals, video phoning can also be a basic function in your soft phone. This function can be used for multiple purposes during conference calls, office meetings and lectures and is especially useful when participants stay far from each other. To permit a qualitative video phoning, you should own a webcam and an appropriate video card.

Audio and video messages

(By the method of a keypad, you are able to send voice and video messages, and due to some special buttons you can permit voice record, starting and ending it, etc. Due to Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, all the necessary special buttons are provided and your only task here is to connect them to your function buttons.) Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK also allows to manager voice and video messages in the most effective way. It makes special buttons obtainable on your soft phone GUI that are to start/end voice recording, etc.

In terms of the technical background, both end-points need to have the same codecs used for voice calling and use the proper audio compression techniques in order to move the voice. You should be careful when choosing the right compression technique. To prove it, the higher number of packets for compression you have, the higher number of packet loss it can cause. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK provides you extended codec sustain with the G711 A-low logarithmic algorithm ensuring the lowest possible date loss occurring during a data compression.

2. MORE progressive SOFT PHONE roles:

o It can manage multiple phone calls and lines at the same time
o make client mixed conference calls
o record a voice call
o capture, cancel and modify incoming SIP messages
o inject SIP messages into a communication
o capture, cancel, modify outgoing SIP messages
o send out of dialog SIP messages
o implement Message Waiting Indication (MWI)


After reading by all the above qualities of Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, now you may not surprise about its precious, important benefits that it could give you if you want to develop your soft phone. All its technical qualities – e.g., maintaining the right video and audio codecs used for data compression or the G 711 A-low logarithmic algorithm enabling the lowest possible number of data loss – are evidences for solutions that are not only effective but also qualitative. additionally, the rare quality of the product also lies within its time and money – saving and user-friendly attributes that are so valuable in our rushing world. All in all, if you choose the Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, you will get the widest sustain when setting the right parameters and calling the provided roles on your device.

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