How Affordable Is Really Affordable?

How Affordable Is Really Affordable?

You’ve found your dream home and can’t believe the price! You’ve never been so lucky. So, how can you make sure your affordable dream home truly is affordable? First, make certain you’ve viewed several similarities in the area and compare the pricing. It’s hard to know if you have chosen an affordable home if you’ve only viewed one character in that area. After you’ve viewed several similarities, then you can estimate whether or not the home you’ve chosen is in a comparable market price range.

Also, consider checking with your local character assessor’s office or tax assessor in order to compare market values of these homes. Secondly, make sure you’re not paying for decoration. Imagine the home or character completely bare. Would it nevertheless be worth the price you’re paying if all of the fancy decorations were taken down? Be sure you’re not paying for “window dressing” that will be gone the moment you sign the closing papers. Imagine the home decorated the way you envision and you’ll know whether or not it’s appropriate to you.

Lastly, inspect, inspect, and when you’re finished with that, inspect some more. Most homes have records obtainable at the local courthouse or character assessor’s office. It’s important to make sure you’re not purchasing a home in a flood-zone or on an earthquake fault. Also, the housing authorities sometimes keep records on things such as termites and other housing damages. Once the house passes these tests, turn that meaningful and enjoy your new and affordable home.

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