How A DUI Can Affect Your Life

How A DUI Can Affect Your Life

Receiving a DUI or a driving under the influence citation can have extreme personal, financial, and physical affects on your life. How a DUI can affect your life can range though depending on personal circumstances and each citation itself. However, it is important not to take driving under the influence lightly. This is against the law, unsafe, and definitely never recommended.

If you are pulled over for impaired driving the officer can ask you a series of questions, insist that you perform a field sobriety test, and already ask that you breathe into a breathalyzer machine that can determine your actual blood alcohol content. Every state is different in the legal blood alcohol limit. Check in your state to stay informed.

When the driver is found to be over the legal limit and operating impaired, he will be arrested. Time served varies from state to state and usually can be lessened if the driver agrees to take counseling classes or some sort of alcohol awareness. Typically if it is your first offense it will be a misdemeanor. Any later offenses will be felonies.

Getting a DUI is expensive. The accused will be required to pay large amounts of fines. These fines will be determined by the estimate handling the case. Any classes promised are at a cost to be paid by the driver. These costs can add up quickly. If the accused wishes to acquire a DUI lawyer, that can be extremely expensive. These fines and fees will add up quickly.

A driver convicted of driving under the influence will certainly be inconvenienced. Their license can be suspended. Depending on the estimate, a driving permit may be issued to allow work and school commute. Taking traffic school, alcohol classes, and any other court mandated class can take up valuable time. Insurance can be harder to get if you’re convicted of a DUI in addition. Remember, you must report all felonies on job applications so this may hinder any job hunting efforts in addition.

Lastly a DUI can incur other citations in addition. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous. You could hurt yourself, your passengers, or any other people or pedestrians on the road. clearly, if anyone else is injured or already killed by someone driving drunk the driver will confront additional manslaughter, murder, character damage, etc fines, fees, and penalties.

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