Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco – A New Resort From Pestana Group in Cayo Coco, Cuba

Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco – A New Resort From Pestana Group in Cayo Coco, Cuba

The Pestana hotel group extends its presence in the world of tourism, and now in its bid to keep up in a place itself in the Caribbean, opts for one of the most important sites in Cuba when it comes to attracting travelers. With this aim, it presents an excellent 4 star hotel that could make of your vacations an indelible passage in your memory.

As of July 2013, Cayo Coco features a new hotel to further raise its position among the top tourist destinations in the island of Cuba. The boon is provided by the hotel group Pestana which after having expanded as a developer in the industry of leisure for a stretch of 40 years, have decided for the first time to set their sights on the large Caribbean island to make sure they don’t keep excluded from the possibility of providing their clients with the undeniable blessings offered to the visitor by the exuberant Cuban character.

To this end, the Portuguese hotel group has built the Resort Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco next to one of the paradisiacal beaches to be found at the preponderant cay within the Jardines del Rey area. The facility operates as an “all inclusive” providing unsurpassable quality so that the travelers may take away, upon returning to their country of origin, a most cherished memory of the stay and an immense appreciation of the 4 stars ranking the hotel category.

The hotel causes a vivid impression on the eyes thanks to its modern architectural design and the vibrant colors prevailing in the facades, as if to ensure that visitors may never forget the fact that they settled on a Caribbean setting to enjoy the holidays. The character boasts of 11 three-story buildings where the 508 rooms are superbly laid out; the majority of these are “junior suite”, though if desired, a selection of 20 “suites” is also at hand at the Pestana Cayo Coco. in spite of of their variety, the guests can rest assured that their repose will have all the comfort to be expected at a modern day 4-star hotel: Air conditioning, a small safe to store valuables, a duly stocked mini-bar, telephone, cable TV, Wi-fi Internet, hair dryer… Add to the above, the amplitude of the bathrooms, the natural illumination and the customary cleanliness of the rooms.

As any choice beach hotel the Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco benefits from an excellent strip of sand in which the traveler can lie lying in the sun making use of the wide range of sun loungers provided by the facility, and there drink in the exceptional tonalities of blue on characterize by the sea. Likewise, the client has the option of making use of any of the other 4 swimming pools obtainable at this resort, of which we would highlight the largest of them located at the center of the facility, featuring among its main attractions the presence of a very well-stocked Snack Bar poolside.

When it comes to the gastronomic assets of the hotel it is worth mentioning that the aforesaid bar is not the only one on hand to refresh the client from the high Caribbean temperatures. There are 3 more; one is a Snack-bar in addition, another a beach bar, and lastly the best of all: the highly recommendable Bar “Bellomonte”, at the lobby of the Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco. One of the basic requirements when considering the best bet for a hotel stay is definitely the quality of the food service on offer, and to obtain this important standard the hotel has opened the doors of 4 restaurants. Of them, the “Vista Alegre”, operates Buffet style and offers international food; while the other three function “a la carte”: the “Piamonte” specializing in Italian cuisine, “El Rancho” offering typical Cuban food, and “La Tarraya”, located right next to the seashore, where you can savor the delights of a superb barbecue as you enjoy the soft murmurs of the groups and the warm sea breeze caressing your cheeks.

The entertainment of the clients during their stay is another top priority for the management of the Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco and for this reason it enlists a whole range of sets to supplement the ideal stay in a place already so richly gifted by character. Along these lines one could mention the sailboat at the disposal of the guests to venture to sea and revel in the coralline wonders enclosed in a natural save surrounding Coconut Cay, scuba diving classes, horseback riding, bicycle rentals, and the participation games organized by the hotel’s “recreation group” at the beach in addition as at the main pool of the facility.

In fleeting, if you’re thinking about spending your vacations in Cuba and nevertheless haven’t decided on your travel destination, bear in mind Coco Cay where the Portuguese Pestana Group are all set to receive you in their nest of pleasure in the Caribbean.

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