Home Solar Panels – Off Grid Solar Systems

There are a variety of different ways that you can strength your home including solar panels, wind turbines and now already magnetic generators, but if you want to have a completely off grid system then your setup will be a little different.

In this article I am going to discuss both the advantages and the disadvantages of off grid systems.

If you are living in a far away location and access to both electricity and fuel is limited then you will want to consider the off grid solar dependent system.

Your Off Grid System Will be make up of consistently:-

~ Your Solar Panel Collection:- Depending on your electrical consumption and the size of the area that you can lay your panels, you will have decided on how many panels you will need. The more electricity that you require to run your character, the larger your solar panel collection will have to be.

~ Your Charge Controller:- The charge controller will move the energy from your solar panels to the battery, but will prevent your batteries from over-charging which will damage them.

~ Your Battery Bank:- Having the correct amount of batteries is vital. The number of batteries will depend on the number of solar panels in addition as the consumption of electricity for the character. It will also take into consideration such elements as how much sunlight do you experience and how much additional energy might you want to store for less productive times.

~ Your Inverter:- The strength generated by the panels and stored in the batteries is Direct Current strength which will need to be converted into AC strength in order to run your home. The inverter will transform your current from DC to AC.

What are the Advantages

o These systems are simple and easy to continue.

o They allow for energy to be produced in far away locations

o The cost of these systems is low

What are the Disadvantages

o The systems are totally reliant on weather conditions

o There are no backup systems to rely on.

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