Home Activities After Preschool

Home Activities After Preschool

When your child’s preschool class has ended for the day, you may want to continue the learning course of action a little more when you arrive back home. For parents who are seeking an assortment of fun, inventive and uniquely good-humored ideas for you to try out with your child, here is a list of enjoyable – and inexpensive – ways you can play with your child. Please observe that some require more supervision than others, and are intended for youngsters of varying ages and capabilities.

1. Play-Doh can really capture a youngster’s imagination with the sheer number of possibilities, because you can make virtually anything with modeling clay. Make sure you remember to provide a rolling pin in addition as some differently-shaped cookie cutters before they start playing.

2. Make a writing tray by putting a large handful of rice in a clean baking tray, and ask your children to make you a picture or spell out a information. This is great for practicing the alphabet and drawing things. The best aspect of this specific ideas is the minimal amount of cleaning up afterwards.

3. Create a tiny sandbox by pouring a thin inner of sand grains into a clean baking tray or a shallow cardboard box, and add toy cars and trucks, in addition as building blocks that can take the place of buildings.

4. Create a miniature town by drawing roads, buildings, houses, streets onto a large fragment of paper or a shallow cardboard box, and add toy cars and trucks too.

5. If your child has become bored drawing with colored pencils on regular white paper, a more creative idea is to get some colored chalk and black construction paper. The use of differently-sized stencils will liven up proceedings too.

6. Taking advantage of concrete sidewalks, garage steps or your own driveway in the summertime, let your kids do some outside drawing with colored chalk or a selection of watercolors. The best part is that the rain will ultimately wash them away, which method that they can draw again and again (plus you won’t have to clean up the area yourself).

7. Make snack-based jewelry with a thin piece of string and any edible foodstuffs you can find that have a small hole by the middle, such as Life Savers or Froot Loops.

8. Send your children on treasure hunts around the house, where they have to bring you back a small object of a certain shape or color. When you start running out of options, start switching up the instructions so you ask for “something green and triangular” or “blue and circular”, etc.

9. Visit the public library on a regular basis and create a revolving supply of audio books on CD, or download read-along mp3 stories from Audible.com or iTunes.

10. This final recommendation is one of my favorites, which involves the simple act of sorting. Provide a supply of differently-shaped pasta, or paper clips of varying sizes and colors, and ask them to take their time and sort them. To help a child understand what they are looking for in each case, glue one of every kind of thing onto an index card so they have a go-to example of what they’re looking for right in front of them. Have your tot position the items neatly by matching them up to their corresponding cards.

One of the absolutes in the parenting world is to play with your child as much as possible, and not fall for the easy trap of letting your TV bring up your child. If you have grown bored of letting your children play with dull flashcards, loud and gaudy action figures and/or expensive board games, then hopefully the above list will inject some much-needed excitement, creativity and inspiration into the hours following your preschool child care program.

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