Holding the Perfect Yard Sale

Most of us have a lot of stuff in our homes we do not use any more. It might be outgrown clothes, toys the kids have outgrown, or furnishings that no longer fit into the home’s decor. A great way to dispose of these items and make some additional money is to keep up a yard sale.

The first step in holding a yard sale is to determine when you want to keep up it. Weekends are usually the best times since most people are off. If your home built with modern house plans has a garage, you might want to plan to keep up your sale there. Holding your sale in your garage allows you to set your sale up over the time of several days. You can also keep up your sale on both a Saturday and Sunday without having to reset everything just by closing the door overnight. Your items will also be protected in case of inclement weather. in any case day you pick, you will want to advertise. Put up a yard sign a week ahead of time to let people know of the planned sale and consider placing an ad in the local newspaper or on an online bulletin board. Many towns keep up community days when you can pay a small fee for having a sale. A community day sale guarantees people will be out shopping.

Once you have decided on a date, start going by your stuff. Having a deadline will give you the motivation to get rid of things. Your small house built with cottage house plans might suddenly seem huge when you start going by it. Be brutal. If something has not been used for more than a year, get rid of it. Organize your items and price them as you go. You can either individually price things or make signs advertising price by group. For example, if you have a lot of old action figures to get rid of it might be easier to toss them in a bin with a “$1 each” sign than price each one. You can earn more if items are clean and well-organized. A yard sale is a great time to teach your kids about money. Use different colored stickers to mark items from different family members. Keep a running tally of which person’s stuff sold so you can divvy up the profits at the end of the day. Your child might be more willing to get rid of outgrown items if he will make some money from it.

You will want to get an early start the day of the sale. If you are setting up on the yard of your ranch house plans home, you will have to move everything outside. Yard sale shoppers usually start showing up before the posted time of your sale. The day before the sale, you should visit the bank to make sure you have change for your cash box. You can use almost any container for a cashbox, but it should have some sort of dividers to keep different types of coins separate and a lid to protect bills from wind and thieves. At the end of the day, you need a plan for unsold items. Donating them to charity is an excellent option for unsold pieces.

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