Historic Real Estate: Revival of the Curtis-Foster House

Historic Real Estate: Revival of the Curtis-Foster House

Neighbors cheer as award-winning preservationists help restore the black sheep of the block to its original beauty. Over the past several decades, the historic Curtis-Foster House, located on North 6th Street in Wilmington North Carolina, has fallen into meaningful disrepair and turned into an eyesore on a street of historical homes. This came to a stop in late 2005 when Osprey Holdings LLC bought the character, ending its tenure as an unauthorized, low-rent boarding house and began to restore the character to its original grandeur.

110 North 6th Street, named the Curtis-Foster House after its original owners, was built circa 1865 for George Curtis and his wife, Melvina Ann Medley. The associate married on November 23 1849 and had three children, one of whom, Katie, died from measles age six February 2, 1869. Curtis died a year later, leaving his wife to care for the home until 1881 when she leased the character to Gertrude Foster for five dollars a month (in today’s market, a house of this kind could rent for over $1000 a month!).

Tim O’Callaghan of Osprey Holdings LLC began work on the 5000 square foot home last summer. His first step was to take a sledge hammer to the walls in search of asbestos, a hazardous material used for insulation up until the 1980s. To his relief, O’Callaghan found only cedar lap siding, a sign of substantial construction.

Patching and coating the original tin roof with Hydro Stop to prevent leaks was next, followed by restoring the windows. To re-tie, re-weight, scrape, clean, and chief just one window is a complete-day project. nevertheless on the list: refinishing the original hardwood floors and cherry banister.

“The most exciting step is restoring the floors,” said O’Callaghan. “The complete room will mirror off them.”

Though not in addition complete, renovation of the Curtis-Foster House has already had an impact on neighbors’ comfort and the salability of the area. Since March 2006, four homes on the block sold for an average of $197 per square foot, a huge increase in activity and value since the years before. The Curtis-Foster house will join the selection of Wilmington historic homes for sale in the late spring.

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