Healing by Poetry – Such a Gracious Book of Spiritually Dynamic Poems For the complete Family

Healing by Poetry – Such a Gracious Book of Spiritually Dynamic Poems For the complete Family

Duhart’s style of writing this wonderful book, Healing by Poetry, is by a variety of poetic forms. She articulates her words about life in the acrostic and free form styles. Her words are enlightening! For example, the book starts with her identifying characteristics poem “Healing by Poetry.” Here she uses this poem to enunciate the words prescribed by the Lord for all to read, and to find healing in His words. The poem “Thank You, God, for Listening,” is also a wonderful dedication to read. In this poem she expresses her thanks to God for listening to her prayers, as everyone ought to do each day while living on this earth. Her act of eloquence touches the depths of the souls and is very uplifting. Certainly she has made her poems understandable with these poetry forms and styles.


The poem, “God Can” is very reassuring to the soul. It’s wonderful to know that God can do anything but fail, and that we are to keep up onto His never changing hands at all times. If peace is required, there is no other way to receive everlasting peace but from God the Creator while holding His hands.  The poem “My Pastor and Father,” is a special poem to place in the thoroughness of our hearts.   Rendering accolades to Him is the right and proper action to attempt especially when trying to make it by the valley of darkness to the hill top of salvation. She articulates her testimony with such charm in these poems showing that God really can and will.


The pages of this book, while brimming with uplifting words, are also loaded with uncommon examples and thoughts of great wisdom for everyone to read and meditate on. Surely, the essence of the theme is holy in character. The words demonstrate her faith which she practices on a daily basis. This is shown in the acrostic poem “Let It Go.” In the piece she addresses the issue of walking in love and interceding on the behalf of others. Her words are uncommon and stimulating regarding letting go of bad thoughts and grudges!


She ends this awesome book with her philosophy regarding facing challenges in life, and also highlights the fact of how she finds healing by writing poetry. Duhart brings this to life by showing how she really cares about her family, and how she goes to the edge to save them from harm and danger. Unlike others who may at times turn their backs and walk away from loved ones, she stands and faces the fire to save their souls. She is such a wonderful mother and keeper of the burning flame of grace in her quest of saving souls for her Lord. Without reading the awesome book of poems, one will never enjoy the enlightening and uplifting journey awaiting the soul!


Readers may acquire more about her at: http://www.shelfari.com/o1517852520 and http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?AuthorID=98275.

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