Have You Heard About the Desktop Destroyer Game?

Have You Heard About the Desktop Destroyer Game?

The Desktop Destroyer Game is a simple game that is being played all around the world by many people that are looking for an easy way to relax. Why would this game be used for relaxation compared to other games that you can play in order to reduce the stress? Well, first of all the game is a freeware so everyone can download it and play it for free, secondly, the game is very simple to use but nevertheless offers a good way of having fun while playing it and thirdly, as there is no level structure in the game you can play it as little time as you want, whether this is 5 seconds, 1 minute or for an complete day. You can relax by playing the Desktop Destroyer just for a few minutes and then you can easily return back to your responsibilities and work, there is no strategy or tactics involved so it greatly helps to set your mind of the problems already if it is played for a short amount of time.

Game play evolves around you using one of the obtainable tools that you can use to damage your PC desktop. You can select whichever tool you want and play with it around your desktop. One of the most amazing tools are the Termites that are crawling around your desktop and chewing it away. You can use any of the other tools to eliminate the Termite pests from you desktop easily, just make sure you do it fast, before your desktop eaten by the termites. Other tools that you can use in the Desktop Destroyer Game are: hammer, chain-saw, phaser, washer, stamp, machine gun, flame-thrower and color-thrower.

All of you who already played the game and would like to try something different, can stop worrying as there is a sequel of the game where you have a whole new variety of options. There are two versions of the game, one is the original Desktop Destroyer and second is the Christmas version that offers the selection of different weapons which you can use to destroy the PC desktop. Many people first play the original version and when they got tired of it switch to the newer Christmas version of the game. There is nothing wrong with having and playing both versions, they are both entertaining and offer a great amount of fun.

The Desktop Destroyer game was developed by Gemtree Inc. as a freeware game so it does not need any licensing and is free from any limitations. It is obtainable freely in a file size of 370.03K. The game runs on Windows Operating System such as Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows 3.X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT and Windows Me.

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