Hauraki Gulf Islands To Visit By Boat – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we discussed four fantastic islands located in the Hauraki Gulf off Auckland City, New Zealand. The Hauraki Gulf is considered one of the best boating areas in the country. Teeming with marine life, including dolphins, penguins and whales, and complete of history, the best way to analyze these islands is by private boat. This article discusses three more incredible places you should consider visiting.

Rakino Island

Only 20 kilometres north-east of Auckland City and two kilometres from Motutapu, the 150 hectare Rakino is home to only 16 long-lasting residents and 76 abodes. Rakino has lovely beaches, including Sandy Bay, which are worth a visit for a family picnic. Like all the islands in the Hauraki Gulf, Rakino has had a varied past, including the world’s first solar powered telephone which is nevertheless in use today. There are several safe anchorages including Woody Bay and West Bay.

The Noises

Located 25 kilometres north-east of downtown Auckland, the Noises are a collection of privately owned rocky islands. There are three main islands, Otata, Motuhoropapa and Maria. The islands are not permanently inhabited, and the waters around them are breeding grounds for fish. The Noises extensive reefs are popular with divers, and in particularly underwater photographers. Fishermen also consider this area one of the best places to drop a line, with giant snapper being caught off these shores. Most boaties tend to visit Otata Island, anchorage is daytime only and there is no wharf.


Up until recently Rotoroa was used by the Salvation Army as an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility. This facility closed in 2005 and Rotoroa was then gifted to Auckland in 2010 by philanthropists, opening to the public in 2011. A re-vegetation project has begun on the island and a chapel, schoolhouse and jail are all in the time of action of being restored. The aim is to turn Rotoroa into an arts, heritage and conservation park for the people of New Zealand. There are four beautiful beaches on the island, and a wharf at Home Bay. There is a $5 per person entrance/landing fee to assist with the conservation programme, or boaties can buy an annual boat pass.

The islands of the Hauraki Gulf are home to some amazing places. Whether you want to picnic, fish, snorkel, or keep up in a place for the night you are guaranteed to find a beautiful secluded identify. So on the next sunny weekend pack up your family or grab some friends and head to your island of choice.

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