Half the Adults in the UK Should Have Health Insurance

Half the Adults in the UK Should Have Health Insurance

Almost half of the adults in the UK would have to dig into their savings accounts in order to sustain their families if they suddenly became ill and were forced to take long term sick leave.  The figure comes from Turn2us research after it took a sample of the public asking survey respondents how they would care for their families financially if they faced a sudden long term illness.

Out of the 2,200 people that were polled, 48% stated that they would have to make use of state benefits, while another 40% said that they would be able to survive on the income of their partner.  Another 10% stated that they would have to use credit cards and another 14% said they would make use of overdrafts.

Elizabeth Finn Care representative (the poverty charity), Matthew Sykes, stated that the research shows that it takes some time before people start to think about where they can get help when facing a financial problem with just 6% stating that they would look towards charities that give grants for financial sustain if they suddenly became ill.

Sykes explained this is because most people are too embarrassed or ashamed of their situation to closest ask for aid.  He additional that people should look into what kind of financial aid is obtainable to them as soon as they become ill so that they can protect their savings longer and avoid falling into thorough debt, and some form of health insurance would be advisable, but of course that has to be taken out before you fall ill.

Over a quarter of those in the poll stated that they did not think that they would qualify for any kind of assistance if they had to take sick leave from work and another 16% stated that they were not sure if they could seek out benefits or not.

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