Great Golfing Destinations

Great Golfing Destinations

Golf is one of the most rare sports in the world: it is half joy and half torment, in addition it holds a special place in the hearts of many. Golf holidays are very popular these days as many tourists build their trips around the chance to hit the links. Here are three places that are great for golf holidays, which also have some other interesting attractions.

Scotland is the home of golf and it makes sense that it has some of the world’s best course. These links are carved into the lush British countryside which supports year round play. Travel to the world’s most famous course at St. Andrews to really challenge yourself, but be sure to bring your umbrella as it’s likely to be raining. Holidays to Scotland will also allow you to visit some great sights and cities – Edinburgh and London are dramatically places while you can also check out the mysterious Stonehenge.

Arizona in the United States is another great destination. This state is an excellent place if you want to do some winter golfing as it stays warm all year round here. The scenery here is also incredibly beautiful and you will love the views as you embark on your daily round. For non-golfers it is also worth checking out the vibrant city of Phoenix and the spectacular Grand Canyon – it would be a true shame to come to this state and not see this incredible, mind-bendingly huge gorge.

Finally, you can head to Florida. This is a great destination for people travelling with non-golfers as the state offers many different activities that will popularity to everyone. Walt Disney World Resort is there, and there are great beaches in addition – all next to beautiful courses. For families intent on golf, Florida holidays are perfect.

So if you love golf, or want to get to know the sport, you should consider taking a golf holiday to one of these three destinations. You may stress yourself out on the course, but, all in all, you’re likely to have a great time on the links. Best of all, these three destinations are well worth visiting in their own right and if you bring your family along for the ride you will be able to find them tons of things to see and do. Golf holidays are mostly about hitting the links, but there’s no reason you can’t see a few things along the way.

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